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Copy & Print Services

Copy Machine Locations in Hamilton Library

All copiers are cash only ($.10 a copy) and print only in black and white.

Floor A1 -- Room A158, right side of bridge doorway: 2

Floor 1 -- In alcove near computers: 2
Floor 2 -- In study area near restrooms: 1
Floor 3 -- Along the mauka wall: 1
Floor 4 -- Open area near the reference desk: 1
Floor 5 -- In Special Collections: 2

All Xerox Workcenters on 1st floor to 4th floor Hamilton Library Main and 1st floor Addition have the following paper sizes and orientation:
8.5x11 portrait = Tray 1
8.5x11 landscape = Tray 2
8.5x14 portrait = Tray 3
8.5x11 portrait = Tray 4

The 5th floor Main (Hawaiian, Pacific and Special Collections) has the following size paper in 2 copiers:
8.5x11 letter
8.5x14 legal

The public photocopiers in the Hamilton and Sinclair libraries are intended for personal use only. The copy quality of the photocopiers is not designed or intended to be "of professional quality". Paper and supplies for the photocopiers are maintained by Circulation department. Please contact Circulation for minor problems (paper jams, out of toner indicators) with any photocopier. Copiers accept coins ($.05 or greater) or bills. Change is in coin only. A change machine is located on the first floor of Hamilton Library.

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Printers & Printing

Paper size is 8.5x11. ITS Labs (Sinclair Wong Computer Lab and Hamilton CLIC) and Library printing policy:

1. Hamilton Library and ITS CLIC Lab are not responsible for deleted print jobs, print errors, etc. We recommend using PRINT PREVIEW before sending your print job.
2. Limit print jobs to 50 pages at a time. Print jobs over 50 pages will automatically be deleted. If you are going to print PDF or PowerPoint files, please limit print jobs to 10 pages at a time.
3. Cost for printing is $.10 per page.
4. Print jobs are deleted two hours after they are sent.
5. No transparency printing is allowed. Printing transparencies may damage the printer and thus are not allowed.
Printing at the CLIC Lab computers requires use of the UHManoa OneCard or Guest Card. Library computers will additionally accept cash as a third payment option.

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