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Why should I contribute to ScholarSpace?

Advantages for students to submit to ScholarSpace:

  • With the support of a faculty member or academic department, ScholarSpace provides a forum for student work that would otherwise be hard to locate or would be completely unavailable to the general public.
  • ScholarSpace provides a unique - and stable - URL for each work that can be cited and included in future job or graduate school applications.
  • Every work is archived and preserved at no cost to students or to their home departments.
  • Submissions are indexed in ScholarSpace and available on the Web immediately after approval by the collection's reviewers.
  • Availability on the Web through ScholarSpace is much faster than the existing process for making theses or other work available through the Libraries, UMI/ProQuest, or a departmental web site or database.
  • Text-based materials are indexed automatically so that the full text is searchable.
  • Google, Google Scholar and other similar services routinely harvest information from ScholarSpace and add links to their indexes so that works submitted here may also be found through searches on the open Web.
  • Submissions are immediately date-stamped, marking the content as having been created by the student on the date of submission.
  • Students may select their own keywords or terms to describe the subject of their work, if they want.
  • Click here to browse some of the collections of student work that have already been established within ScholarSpace.

Remember that submission of your work to ScholarSpace is voluntary. Students concerned about copyright, patents, or future publication are not obligated to submit their work.

Contact your Community's ScholarSpace administrator or write if you have questions about ScholarSpace.

Appreciation is given to the University of Oregon and Massachusetts Institute of Technology for providing some of the information on these pages.

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