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Posting papers, presentations, or any other work in ScholarSpace does not mean that you give up your copyright. Authors who submit their work to ScholarSpace retain the copyright to their work, unless they explicitly give it away to a third party. The University of Hawaii Library does not seek or claim copyright on any of the works submitted to ScholarSpace. The Library asks all authors to agree to a non-exclusive distribution license, which means that authors may make other copies of their work available on other web sites or through other means without obtaining permission from the Library. They may also formally publish their work, in the same form or in a revised form, without obtaining permission from the Library. For more information on author rights, please refer to the Association of Research Libraries list of copyright resources.

As an author, you may set conditions on the re-use of your materials in ScholarSpace by affixing permission and copyright statements to the items. (See information about the Creative Commons License) Depositing your work in ScholarSpace automatically provides a time and date stamp that will verify your expression of an idea or document your research at a given point in time.

Some authors are concerned that depositing their work in ScholarSpace might violate copyright agreements that they have with their publishers. In reality, more and more commercial publishers are recognizing authors' rights to post preprints of their work online; many also allow authors to make postprints available online. This is true even of some of the largest commercial publishers. If you would like to know where your publisher stands on this issue, visit the Sherpa web site and search under the name of your publisher. If your publisher is not listed in the Sherpa database, the ScholarSpace staff would be happy to help you investigate this issue with your publisher. It is not unusual for you to already have permission to post your work in ScholarSpace without having to negotiate a special agreement with your publisher.

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Appreciation is given to the University of Oregon and Massachusetts Institute of Technology for providing some of the information on these pages.

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