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Policies & Guidelines - Community & Collection Policies

Community & Collection Policies

ScholarSpace is a partnership between ScholarSpace Communities, the University of Hawaii at Manoa (UHM) Library, and UHM administration. ScholarSpace content consists of Collections produced by ScholarSpace Communities, which are managed, preserved, and distributed by UHM Library through ScholarSpace. Some of the collections will be subject to institutional guidelines defined by UHM administration. As in all partnerships, it is important that all ScholarSpace stakeholders understand and agree to the policies, guidelines, and procedures required to build a ScholarSpace repository. The following policy statements have been developed over a period of time with input from various parties.

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What is a ScholarSpace Community?

A ScholarSpace Community is an administrative unit at UHM that produces research, has a defined leader, has long-term stability, and can assume responsibility for setting Community policies. Each community must be able to assign a coordinator who can work with ScholarSpace staff. This list of research entities may serve as a guide for possible Communities.

Individual faculty and researchers whose unit is not established in ScholarSpace can create a personal sub-community within the Faculty and Researcher Works Community.


What are a Community's Responsibilities?

A ScholarSpace Community agrees to:


What are a Community's Rights?

A ScholarSpace Community retains the right to:


What are UHM Library's Responsibilities?

ScholarSpace agrees to:


What are UHM Library's Rights?

ScholarSpace retains the right to:


What are UHM's Responsibilities?

UHM agrees to:


Withdrawal Policy

UHM Library foresees times when it may be necessary to remove items from the repository. Under some circumstances items will be removed from view, but to avoid loss of the historical record, all such transactions will be traced in the form of a note in the field of the Dublin Core record. The content of the note will be one of the following:

Because any ScholarSpace item that has existed at some time may have been cited, we will always supply a "tombstone" when someone requests a removed item. This information will include the original metadata (for verification) plus one of the above withdrawal statements in place of the link to the object. The metadata will be visible, but not searchable. These items will also be made unavailable for metadata harvesting.


Contact your Community's ScholarSpace administrator or write if you have questions about ScholarSpace policies.


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Appreciation is given to the University of Oregon and Massachusetts Institute of Technology for providing some of the information on these pages.

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