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Scholarly Communication

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Contact Information

Beth Tillinghast
Project Director
(808) 956-6130


About ScholarSpace


What is ScholarSpace?

ScholarSpace is an open-access, digital institutional repository for the University of Hawaii at Manoa (UHM) community. This repository is a database with a set of services to capture, store, index, preserve and redistribute the UHM's scholarly research in digital format.

ScholarSpace stores the intellectual works and unique collections of the UHM academic community and provides a permanent web location to access these resources. These materials potentially include scholarly communications (articles and pre-prints), theses, dissertations, technical reports, and other textual material, which may itself include different formats such as multimedia clips, interactive teaching programs, data sets, and databases.

ScholarSpace is maintained by the UHM Library, under the coordination of the Desktop Network Services

ScholarSpace's Mission Statement

ScholarSpace, the institutional repository of the University of Hawaii at Manoa, supports students, faculty, and staff at the University in their processes of studying, teaching, and conducting research by providing a managed environment where scholarly content in digital form can be stored, preserved, and disseminated online and made available for the international community.

Connect with ScholarSpace

We're eager to add new Communities to ScholarSpace and to keep in touch with UHM faculty, researchers, and existing ScholarSpace Communities.

If you're an UHM researcher who wants to contribute content to ScholarSpace, or if you're a member of an UHM unit that is interested in setting up a Community in ScholarSpace, contact us at

We're also happy to give your group a demonstration of ScholarSpace; just send a request to

Contact your Community's ScholarSpace administrator or write if you have questions about ScholarSpace policies.


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Appreciation is given to the University of Oregon and Massachusetts Institute of Technology for providing some of the information on these pages.

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