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eVols Technical Features

Open Source Software | DSpace Developer Community | Technical Support

DSpace Software

eVols uses the DSpace software to run the repository. Developed jointly by the MIT Libraries and Hewlett-Packard Company, DSpace is an open source software platform for building digital repositories.

Learn more about the DSpace technology, talk with other DSpace developers, and find answers technical questions using the resources below.

UHM's Institutional Repository

eVols at UHM lets you save, share, and search research data and other unique collections in an institutional repository.

eVols is organized to accommodate the multidisciplinary and organizational needs of a large institution. It provides access to the digital work of the whole institute and communities beyond UHM through one interface. eVols is organized into Communities, Sub-Communities, and Collections, each of which retains its identity within the repository.

Customization for eVols Communities and Collections allows for flexibility in determining policies and workflow.

Digital Formats and Content Types Supported

eVols accepts all manner of digital formats. Some examples of items that eVols can accommodate are:

  • Documents, such as articles, preprints, working papers, technical reports, conference papers
  • Books
  • Theses
  • Computer programs
  • Visualizations, simulations, and other models
  • Multimedia publications
  • Bibliographic datasets
  • Images
  • Audio files
  • Video files
  • Learning objects
  • Web pages

Digital Preservation

  • eVols provides long-term physical storage and management of digital items in a secure, professionally managed repository including standard operating procedures such as backup, mirroring, refreshing media, and disaster recovery.
  • eVols assigns a persistent identifier to each contributed item to ensure it is retrievable far into the future.
  • eVols provides a mechanism for advising content contributors of the preservation support levels they can expect for the files they submit.

Access Control

The software allows contributors to limit access to items in eVols - at the collection and the individual item level. See UHM's policies on governing access.

Search and Retrieval

The eVols submission process allows for the description of each item using a qualified version of the Dublin Core metadata schema. These descriptions are entered into a relational database, which is used by the search engine to retrieve items.

Open Source Software

The DSpace open source platform is freely available at SourceForge through the BSD license. Institutions around the world use DSpace to store their digital research materials. Visit the DSpace Wiki to see which institutions are running DSpace services.

DSpace Developer Community

DSpace is an open source system and has an active developer community, with a variety of online resources:

Technical Support
University of Hawaii at Manoa Library

The UHM Library runs and maintains the eVols servers for all UHM Communities. Your Community does not have to download the whole system or maintain the eVols server. You use a web-based interface to save, search, and store data in eVols.

Contact your Community's eVols administrator or write if you have questions about eVols policies.


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Appreciation is given to the University of Oregon and Massachusetts Institute of Technology for providing some of the information on these pages.

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