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Submitting to eVols
University of Hawaii at Manoa Library

Getting Started

Options for UHM Faculty and Researchers

UHM faculty and researchers have several options for placing their collections in eVols:

  1. Join an existing thematic Community. See the Hawaiian Collection as an example.
  2. UHM departments, labs, centers, or units can create Communities or Collections. See Mana'o as an example.

Establishing a New Community

The UHM Library will lead you through the process of building a new Community in eVols. See the steps required to establish a new eVols Community.

See eVols in Action

Would your group like a demonstration of eVols? Request one by contacting us at

Creating New eVols Communities

eVols is organized into Communities, Sub-communities, and Collections. Each Community contains one or more Collections, where the specific digital materials are stored as Items.

How are Communities and Collections Organized?

To add digital materials to eVols, you add your data to a collection. Collections in eVols are always associated with communities or sub-communities, as shown in this basic view of eVols communities (PDF).

Basic eVols Community

Contact your Community's eVols administrator or write if you have questions about eVols policies.

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Appreciation is given to the University of Oregon and Massachusetts Institute of Technology for providing some of the information on these pages.

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