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Policies and Guidelines
University of Hawaii at Manoa Library

Please refer to the following procedural documents and policy statements upon which eVols is based. Contact your Community's eVols administrator or write if you have questions about eVols policies.


All items in eVols will have a version of the complete content for free available to the UH Manoa community, with STRONG encouragement for providing free access to all, with the following exceptions:

Content Guidelines

Creative Commons License

Creative Commons provides alternative licenses whereby you can release some of the rights you are automatically assigned by copyright law.

The most open license is the Attribution license. With this you receive the greatest exposure for your work, since it allows your work to be distributed anywhere or modified to someone's specific needs, while still giving you credit for its creation.

Other Creative Commons license choices specify whether you allow commercial use of the work, whether you allow modifications of the work, and whether you allow derivative works to be created based on your work.

When you submit content to eVols, you see a Creative Commons form that allows you to identify the license to be used with the item you are submitting, so people can know what they're allowed to do with your work. This form is optional in eVols; you can skip it if you wish to retain your full copyright.

For more information on Creative Commons, you can visit

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