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The XXth Century: Documents

Full-text searchable PDFs of all the articles are available from the library eVols Russia / Northeast Asiadigital collection []

Volume I

OCTOBER/1941, pages 72-80

NOVEMBER/1941, pages 154-160

DECEMBER/1941, pages 236-238

Volume II

JANUARY/1942, page 73

FEBRUARY/1942, page 160

Admiral Shigetaro Shimada's Speech before the Diet, January 21, 1942

MARCH/1942, page 236

APRIL/1942, page 316

Chancellor Hitler's Speech, March 15, 1942

MAY/1942, page 399

All India Congress Resolution Rejecting Cripps Plan, April 11, 1942

JUNE/1942, page478

Volume III

JULY/1942, pages 77-80

AUGUST/SEPTEMBER, pages 209-210

Exchange of Notes between Vichy and Washington regarding French
Warships in Alexandria

NOVEMBER/1942, page369

Volume IV

MARCH/1943, page 241

Volume V

JULY/1943, page 76

Reich Minister Speer's Speech of June 6, 1943

OCTOBER/1943, page 279

Volume VI

MARCH/1944, pages 229-234

Documents Concerning Postwar Plans of the Allies and the Axis Powers



APRIL/1944, pages 311-312

Excerpts from Prime Minister Churchill's speech in the House of commons on February 22, 1944.


AUGUST/SEPTEMBER/1944, pages 161-162

Landmarks in the history of the Pacific Map, 1507-1783. List of 140 maps.

Pages 170-171

OCTOBER/1944, page 238

1) Decree of the Council of People's Commissars of the USSR and the Central Committee of the All-Union Communist Party (Bolsheviks) May 16, 1934.

DECEMBER/1944, pages 365-366

Documents concerning America's attitude toward the world:


FEBRUARY/1945, pages 62-64

Pages 103-106

Facts, figures, and documents pertaining to Southeastern Europe:

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