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Russian Bibliographer

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    Russkaia Pechat' v Kitae    

Book Cover

      The collection includes books and partial runs of journals. The primary imprints are from China (Harbin, Shanghai, Tientsin, Peking, Dairen) with a growing number from Japan. Materials printed in the Soviet Union/Russia Federation, China, and Australia also are collected if they cover any topic about the Russian period in Manchuria. A review of the rarer items by Amir Khisamutdinov may be found in "Russkaia pechat´ v Kitae. Opisanie redkikh izdanii v russkoi kollektsii Gamil´tonskoi biblioteki Gavaiskogo un-ta," Rossiiane v Azii, 1994, no. 1, p. 254-282 with introduction on the history of the collection by P. Polansky, p. 251-253.

      The Russian materials printed in China are part of the Northeast Asia Collections. Arrangements for access are made through the Russian Bibliographer.

Catalog: Book Cover of Russkaia' v Kitae

     In the early 1970s P. Polansky began to acquire items that now form a special collection of Russian materials printed in China, a period of publishing from 1900 to 1949, that now holds over 1,200 items. The materials have been used by scholars around the world, including Japan, Russia, Finland, Australia, Israel. A catalog of this collection was published by the Russian State Library in Moscow in 2002: Russkaia pechat´ v Kitae [Russian publications in China, Japan, Korea?catalog] (Moskva: Pashkov Dom, 2002. 201 p.)

Digital Materials:
Velikaia Man. Imperiia
Velikaia Man. Imperiia
Kitaiskii Blagovestnik
Kitaiskii Blagovestnik

Komu v Kharbine
zhit' Khorosho

Komu v Kharbine zhit' Khorosho

Kamchatka i ei?a? obitateli
Kamchatka i ei?a? obitateli

Khisamutdinov Publications
Khisamutdinov Publications
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