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Russian Bibliographer

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University of Hawaii at Manoa
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    Other Russian Emigration Materials    

In addition to the collection of Russian imprints from China and Japan, there is a growing collection of Russian publications from California, Australia, Seattle, South American citites, and other émigré centers (NY, Paris, Berlin, etc).

Cover of Narodnye zhemchuzhiny

Berezov, Rodion. Narodnye zhemchuzhiny.
San Frantsisko: Izd-vo Delo, 1951. 96 p.

Cover of Russkaia emigratsiia v Severnoi i Iuzhnoi Amerike

Okuntsov, Ivan K. Russkaia emigratsiia v
Severnoi i IUzhnoi Amerike
. Buenos
Aires: Izd-vo Seiatel', 1967. 423 p.

St. Spiridon Orthodox Cathedral. Seattle, Washington.
Ninetieth anniversary, 1895-1985. 110 p.

Istoriia russkikh v Avstralii. T.I. Red. N.A.
Mel'nikovoi. Sidnei: Izd-vo Avstraliada--
russkaia letopis', 2004. 297 p.
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