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    Tubabao, Philippines    

Russian refugees from China were sent to camps in Tubabao from 1949-1951. They were held here while waiting for a country(s) to accept them. The majority ended up in San Francisco.

The UH collection includes
  • 3 booklets printed in Australia, 1 book + article by N.V. Moravskii
  • list of 365 people on the US ship General William M. Black sailing from Tubabao to San Francisco on 14 June 1951
  • Xerox of Al'bom Ol'gi Skopichenko, Tubabao, Russkie na o. Samar [includes 2 Sapozhnikoff letters to Siunnerberg; 3 photos of Skopichenko and her husband Boris Konovalov; original issue of Illiustrirovannoe Nashe Vremia [Modern time pictorial] (v. 1, no. 6. 9 dekabria 1950) which has photos of people who sailed from Tubabao on the General M.L. Hersey 30 noiab. 1950.]
  • One folder with 6 stenciled [rotaprint] items from the Samar camp, and on the ships Hersey and Haan.
  • 3 rotaprint booklets of Olga Skopichenko's poetry done on the Island: Ded Moroz na Tubabao: skazki; Den' za dnem; U samogo sinego moria.
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