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photo of Amir Khisamutdinov

Amir Aleksandrovich Khisamutdinov

Contact Information

Educational Background

  • Doctorate in History, Moscow State Institute of International Relations [MGIMO], 2005.
  • Kandidat in History, Far Eastern State Technical Universtiy, 1999.
  • Graduated from the Far Eastern State University in Vladivostok in history, 1985.
  • Graduated from the Vladivostok Far Eastern Fishing Higher Technical Institute [Dal’rubvtuz] in economics, 1980.
  • Graduated from the Vladivostok Marine College as a navigator, 1972.

Professional Experience

  • Far Eastern State Technical University [DVGTU]
  • Vladivostok State Univ. of Economics and Services [VGUES]
  • Far Eastern National Univesity [DVGU] Senior Professor and Researcher

Academic Awards/ Honors/Grants

  • Japan Foundation grant, Dec. 2006-Nov. 2007. Topic: Russo-Japanese cultural relationships.
  • Fulbright research fellowship, Oct. 2001-May 2002. Host institution: University of Hawaii. Topic: Russian immigration to the West coast of America
  • MacArthur Foundation travel grant to attend AAASS in Seattle, WA, Nov.20-23, 1997.
  • ACTR [American Council of Teachers of Russian], Research program for regional Russian scholars, Feb. - Jul. 1995. Host intitution: University of Hawaii. Topic: Russians in Hawaii.
  • IREX [International Research & Exchanges Board], Individual Advanced Research grant for foreign scholars, Aug. 27, 1993-Apr.27, 1994. Host institution: University of Hawaii. Topic: Russian emigration to China, Japan, Hawaii and California.
  • Arthur L. Andrews Distinguished Visiting Professor of Asian and Pacific Studies Chair, University of Hawaii, Jan. - June 1992. Presented a series of six lectures on the history of the Russian Far East.
  • USSR Russian America Committee, Chairman, 1990-1991 for planning the Bering/Chirikov conference held in Anchorage, Alaska, Aug. 5-7, 1991.
  • Historian advisor to Nagasaki-90 exhibition held in Nagasaki, Japan, Sept. 1989

Selected Publications

  • Slavnye velikimi delami... ili podvizhniki kraia i obshchestva (1884-2009 gg.): spravochnik (Vladivostok: Izd-vo VGUES, 2009. 227 p., illus.)
  • Rossiiskie tolmachi i vostokovedy na Dal'nem Vostoke: materially k biobibliograficheskomu slovariu (Vladivostok: Izd-vo DV univ-ta, 2007 [ie, 2009]. 273 p.) [ch. 2 of Pod zvezdoi orientalistiki]
  • O russkikh amerikantsakh, kotorye sdelali Ameriku bogatoi: materially k slovariu (Vladivostok: Izd-vo VGUES, 2008. 243 p.)
  • Russkie v Khakodate i na Khokkaido: ili zametki na poliakh (Vladivostok: Izd-vo DV-nogo univ-ta, 2008. 461 p.,illus.)
  • Tri stoletiia izucheniia Dal'nego Vostoka: materialy k biobibliografii issledovatelei. Vyp. 1 (1639 - 1939). Otv. red. P.G. Gorovoi; TSentral'naia nauch. bib-teka DVO RAN (Vladivostok: Dal'nauka, 2007. 667 p.)
  • Russkoe slovo v strane ieroglifov: k istorii emigrantskoi pechati, zhurnalistiki, bibliotekovedeniia i arkhivov (Vladivostok: DV universitet, 2006 [ie, 2008] 302 p., illus.)
  • Mne soputstvovala schastlivaia zvezda: Vladimir Klavdievich Arsen'ev, 1872-1930 gg. (Vladivostok: Dal'nauka, 2005. 254 p., illus.)
    In a competition of 300 books from across Russia this title won a diploma as the best book in the category "Liudi nashego kraia," in the Pushkin Library's (Moscow) 2d annual All-Russia competition of regional literature for 2005. Also: gold medal at Pechatnyi dvor 2006 (Vladivostok)
  • Vladimir Klavdievich Arsen'ev, 1872-1930 (M: Nauka, 2005. 222 p., 6 l. of illus. Seriia: Nauchno-biograficheskaia literatura)
  • cover of book Kitai i russkaia emigratsiia v dnevikakh
    Kitai i russkaia emigratsiia v dnevnikakh I.I. I A.N. Serebrennikovykh, 1919-1934. t.1: "Poka zhe my schastlivy tem, chto nichto ne ugrozhaet nam?" Vystup. stat´ia, podgotovka teksta, biografich. slovar´ i komentarii A..A. Khisamutdinova; Obshchaia red. S.M. Liandresa. M: ROSSPEN, 2006-
  • Obshchestvo izucheniia Amurskogo kraia: sobytiia, liudi. Vladivostok: Izd-vo VGUES, 2004-2006. 2 v.
  • V novom svete ili istoriia russkoi diaspory na tikhookeanskom poberezhe´e i Gavaiaskikh ostrovakh. Vladivostok: Izd-vo DVGU, 2003. 244 p.
  • Sleduiushchaia ostanovka - Kitai: k istorii Rossiiskoi emigratsii v Kitae. Vladivostok: VGUES, 2003. 284 p.
  • Posle prodazhi Aliaski: russkie na tikhookeanskom poberezh´e Severnoi Ameriki (1867-1980-e gg.): materialy k entsiklopedii. Vladivostok: VGUES, 2003. 263 p., illus.
  • Rossiiskaia emigratsiia v Kitae: opty entsiklopedii. Vladivostok: Izd-vo DV un-ta, 2001. 358 p.
  • Po stranam rasseianiia. Vladivostok: Izd-vo VGUES, 2000. 2 ch. (ch. 1-Russkie v Kitae, 360 p.; ch. 2- Russkie v IAponii, Amerike i Avstralii, 170 p., illus.)
  • Rossiiskaia emigratsiia v Aziatsko-Tikookeanskom regione i IUzhnoi Amerike: biobibliograficheskii slovar'. Vladivostok: Izd-vo DV un-ta, 2000. 358, [26] p. illus.
  • Pod zvezdoi orientalistiki: rossiiskie tolmachi i vostokovedy na Dal'nem Vostoke. Ch. 1. Vladivostok: Izd-vo DVGTU, 1999.
  • Vladivostok: etiudy k istorii starogo goroda. Vladivostok: 1992 [i.e., 1994] 327 p.
  • The Russian Far East: historical essays. Honolulu: 1993. viii, 177 p.
  • Mir biblioteki. Vladivostok: 1990. 92 p.
  • Terra incognita, ili khronika russkikh puteshestvii po Primor'iu i Dal'nemu Vostoku. Vladivostok: 1989. 352 p.

  • Approximately 80 articles in scholarly journals in Russia and many foreign publications.

    Approximately 500 articles in Soviet Russia Far East newspapers, as well as many in San Francisco's Russkaia zhizn.

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