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Preservation Department

Preservation Week 2011

it came from the satcks

Preservation Week is April 24-30, 2011

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Take the bookmark quizzes!

Bookmark Quiz #1 Bookmark Quiz #2 Bookmark Quiz #3
A book is not a coaster Don't leave your mark:  bookmark Our book tears give us tears

Bookmark Quiz #1

A book is not a coaster

Spilled coffee -  bookmark image for Preservation Week

Quite by accident a cup of coffee overturns and spills all over your library book.

What would you do?

1. Try to remove the stain by washing the paper with soap and water.

2. Absorb as much of the coffee as possible with a paper towel and stand the book up to dry.

3. Close the book and hope that the wet and stain won't be noticed.

4. Tell the librarian about the accidental spill and be willing to pay for any repairs.

5. Throw the book away.

Click here for answers.

Bookmark Quiz #2

Don't leave your mark: bookmark

Post-It flags

You are reading a very interesting book but you must stop because you have an appointment to keep.

What would you do?

1.  Turn the book upside down on a flat surface in order to keep your place.

2.  Memorize the page number and close the book.

3.  Put a pencil between the pages where you stopped reading and leave the book in close proximity to where your pet is lying.

4.  Mark the place by inserting a bookmark where you stopped reading and put the book in a secure location.

5.  "Dog ear" one of the corners and put the book down.

6.  Mark your place with a Post-it note.

Click here for answers.

Bookmark Quiz #3

Our book tears give us tears

Bookmark 3 image

The book you checked out of the library has several pages that are badly torn.

What would you do?

1.  "Scotch" tape the tears.

2.  Tear the pages out because they will come out anyway.

3.  Tell the librarian about the torn pages when you return the book.

4.  Hope that the pages won't fall out before you return the book.

5.  Not return the book because you might be accused of mutilating it.

Click here for answers.

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