Bookmark Quiz #2

Don't leave your mark:  bookmark

Post-It flags
You are reading a very interesting book but you must stop because you have an
appointment to keep.

What would you do?

1.  Turn the book upside down on a flat surface in order to keep your place.

Sorry, this answer is not correct.  Turning an opened book upside down can
weaken the spine.  If the book is older and more fragile, it can cause the text
block to separate from the cover requiring a more costly repair.

2.  Memorize the page number and close the book.

Correct!  If you have a good memory, this is the ideal solution.  

3.  Put a pencil between the pages where you stopped reading and leave the book in close proximity to where your pet is lying.

Sorry, this answer is not correct.  Any object placed inside a book can damage the spine.  Pets are known to chew up books, and small children can innocently make pen, pencil or crayon marks inside a book.

4.  Mark the place by inserting a bookmark where you stopped reading and put the book in a secure location.

Correct!  Inserting a bookmark (like this one) to keep your place is the least injurious practice.

5.  "Dog ear" one of the corners and put the book down.

Sorry, this answer is not correct.  The crease left from turning a corner down will not disappear.  If the paper becomes brittle the corner will break off.

6.  Mark your place with a Post-it note.

Sorry, this answer is not correct.  The adhesive on Post-it notes has a harmful effect on paper.  It hardens and leaves a film that becomes acidic.  This results in eventual discoloration and brittleness of the paper.  Post-it notes left for even a short time on already brittle paper (old books) cause the paper to tear when removing the Post-it.

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