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Janet Bell Pacific Research Prize


List of Previous Winners

1963 1st Undergraduate Anthony, James M.
The British Crown Colony of Fiji; a survey of political changes and development of political parties
PAC DU600 .A58
1963 2nd Graduate Roberts, Daphne
Social Services for the Maoris in New Zealand
PAC DU423.R63
1964 Graduate Earle, John
Developing concepts of American mission in the Pacific; as revealed by writings and actions of representative American Naval Commanders
PACDU30 .E27
1965 Graduate Stephan, John
Japan's economic development of Micronesia, 1922-1937: a re-evaluation
PAC DU870.8 .D67
1966 Undergraduate Kaneshiro, Arthur Tadashi
The effects of urban renewal on the 'Okimura Camp'
HAWN HT177 .H6 K35
1966 Graduate - 1st Dorrance, John C.
The Ouvanaa movement and political development in post-war French Polynesia
1966 Graduate - 2nd Born, Ted Jay
American and Western Samoa: a comparative study of population growth and migration
PAC DU813.B67
1967 Undergraduate Swanton, Mary Ellen
The effects of tourism on American Samoa
PAC HC687 .S2 S85
1967 Graduate Mookini, Esther T.
A brief survey of the Hawaiian language newspapers
HAWN PN4885 .H3 M66
1968 Undergraduate Kimura, Larry Lindsay
Kapalaoa homestead life
HAWN HD1337 .K54
1968 Graduate Poe, Edgar Allen
Drowned ancient islands on and near the Marcus-Necker Rise in the northwest central Pacific: a proposed theory
PACQE39 .P64
1969 Undergraduate Bradshaw, Russell
Micronesian migrations
PACGN669 .B69
1969 Graduate Pollock, Nancy J.
A pragmatic view of Marshallese Christmas Ritual
PAC GT4985 .P64
1970 Undergraduate Bernstein, Louise
Humor as an indicator of social relationships among twenty Hawaiian children
HAWN HM291 .B47
1970 Graduate Peterson, John
Environment, company and community on Molokai
HAWN HN934 .M65 P37
1971 Undergraduate Loo, Beverly
The gecko as a new intermediate host for the cat liver fluke, Platynosomum fastosum, in Hawaii
HAWN QL391 .T7 L66
1971 Graduate Livingston, Theodore
Three Binghams named Hiram; representatives of changing American policy in the Pacific
PAC DU4 .L58
1972 Undergraduate Wilson, William H.
Possession in Hawaiian: -A- Versus -O-
HAWN PL6449 .W54
1972 Graduate Siegel, Jeffrey A.
The Indian speech community in Fiji
PAC PK1933 .S54
1973 Undergraduate Evans, Roger C.
Towards an optimal method of site selection encompassing non-quantifiable factors in housing
HAWN HD7388 .A3 E93
1973 Graduate Frierson, Barbara B.
A study of land use and vegetation change
HAWN DU629 .H75 F75
1974 Undergraduate No prize awarded
1974 Graduate Del Valle, Teresa
A historical survey of anthropological studies on the Maori
PAC Z4101 .D49
1974 Graduate Sando, Ruth
A history of the study of urbanization in the South Pacific
PAC HT149 .O3 S3
1975 Undergraduate Wong, Bonnie J.
Sun Yat-Sen: early childhood years in China and 1879-1883 years in the Hawaiian Islands
HAWN DS777 .W65
1975 Graduate Outram, Catherine E.A.
Massim art: an analysis of the art style of the Massim area, Milne Bay district of Papua New Guinea, based upon research in the Pacific Library, and field work in the area
PAC N7411 .P3 O8
1976 Undergraduate Muir, Robert E.
The Hawaii Small Claims Court: an empirical study
HAWN KFH521 .M85 1976
1976 Graduate Tagupa, William
Law and political integration: the case of the Commonwealth of the Northern Marianas
PAC JQ6581 .A5 T34
1977 Undergraduate Dias, Danya
The influence of the Fijian Council of Chiefs in 19th Century Colonial Fiji 1874-1897
PAC DU600.5 .D53
1977 Graduate Bowen, Jackie Bain
Flow of news in the Pacific Islands: case study of the Satellite Regional News Exchange
PAC TK5104.2 .P4 B68
1978 Undergraduate Tungol, Wilfredo O.
As assessment of the west coast dock strike of 1971-1972
1978 Graduate Shuster, Donald R.
The resolution of labor-management disputes under Governor John A. Burns
HAWN HD5326 .H3 S537
1979 Undergraduate Gerard, Francis
Interesting chemistry of Hawaii's deep sea corals
HAWN QL377 .C7 G47
1979 Graduate Bradshaw, Joel
Multilingualism and language mixture among the Numbami
PAC PL6211 .P36 B73
1980 Undergraduate Kim, Jerome H.
A study of sexual and asexual reproduction in an Hawaiian Amphiscolops Sp. (turbellaria Acoela)
HAWN QL391 .P7 K55 1980a
1980 Graduate Nagata, Kenneth M.
Early plant introductions to Hawai'i
HAWN SB108 .U6 H363 1980a
1981 Undergraduate Ito, Lloyd Kenny
The pattern of gametogenesis in Cellana Exarata Reeve (Prosobranchia: Patellidae)
HAWN QL430.5 .P19 I86 1981a
1981 Graduate Takeuchi, Gary Y.
Joining the world and the Pacific way: roles in international and regional interaction for the freely associated Micronesian entities
PAC DU500.8 T34 1981a
1982 Undergraduate No prize awarded
1982 Graduate Wesley-Smith, Terence A.
Self-determination denied: the case of Irian Jaya
PAC DU744 .W43 1982a
1983 Undergraduate Goto, Jennifer Rei
Ka ho'omalama 'ana i ka mana'o 'o hanai ma Hawaii nei= the preservation of the hanai system in contemporary Hawaii
HAWN HV875.G64 1983a
1983 Graduate Walsh, William J.
Stability of a coral reef fish community following a catastrophic storm
HAWN QL636.5 .H3 W357 1983
1984 Undergraduate No prize awarded
1984 Graduate Pintz, Stephanie
A case study on the role of education for a culture in radical transition due to the impact of a large scale mining project in a remote area of Papua New Guinea
PAC LA2270.P3 P56 1984a
1985 Undergraduate Tsukamoto, Lisa Y.
Examination of the teaching-parent program of the HYCF
HAWN HV9105.H3 T78 1984a
1985 Graduate Sprague, Roberta A.
The last Pacific explorers: the accomplishments of Charles Wilkes and the United States Exploring Expedition, 1838-1842 in the South-Central Pacific
PAC Q115 .W8 S67 1985a
1986 Undergraduate Coryell, Jill
HAWN SD397 .C337 C67 1986
1986 Graduate Hamasaki, Richard
Dancing yet to the dim dim's beat: contemporary poetry in Papua New Guinea
PAC PR9655.2 .H36 1986a
1987 Undergraduate Au, Kimberly Kay O.J.
On the trail of William Ellis expeditions I and II
HAWN DU628.H28A81987a
1987 Graduate Chapman, Linley Edith
Publishing options of Pacific Island writers
PAC Z544 .A2 C43 1987a
1988 Undergraduate Erkelens, Conrad L.
Majoro : the incorporation of a subsistence economy into the world market system
PAC DU710.9.M3E751988
1988 Graduate Chappell, David A.
The Fiji coup: a comparison with New Caledonia and Malaysia
PAC DU600.8 .C43 1989
1989 Undergraduate Erkelens, Conrad L.
Infanticide and depopulation in Hawaii in the early nineteenth century
HAWN HV6541.U62 H394 1989
1989 Graduate Chappell, David A.
Kanaky : indigenous revival on the New Caledonian
PAC DU720.75.C4331989
1990 Undergraduate Morgan, Lydia
To make a life in the islands: "beachcombers" in Rotuma 1814-1846
PAC DU600.9 .R6 1990
1990 Graduate McLaren, Robert A.
Guam, America's once and future colony under international law
PAC DU647.75 .M35 1990
1991 Undergraduate Lepani, Katherine
Continuity of change: patterns of prehistoric exchange in the Trobriand Islands
PAC DU885.3 .L46 1991
1991 Undergraduate Roberts, Julian Markuson
Language in Hawaii in the nineteenth century and its relation to Hawaiian Pidgin English
HAWN PM7891 .Z9 H376 1991
1991 Graduate Brown, Joyce M.
Adverse possession in Hawaii: who were the players?
HAWN KFH128 .A3 B76 1991
1992 Undergraduate No prize awarded
1992 Graduate Kjellgren, Eric P.
Nani kaha: sorcerers and sorcery in Marquesan society
PAC DU700.42 .K54 1992
1993 Undergraduate No prize awarded
1993 Graduate Buschman, Rainer
Expanding the frontier: anthropology and the labor question in the German Pacific, 1885-1914
PAC GN663 .B89 1993
1993 Graduate Earle, David William
Coalition politics in Hawai'i in the 1890 elections
HAWN DU627.16 .E225 1993
1994 Undergraduate No prize awarded
1994 Graduate Perez Hattori, Anne
Righting civil wrongs: the Guam Congress walkout of 1949
PAC BV3677 .P48 1994
1995 Undergraduate Contrades, Elizabeth A.K.
Where there is unity, there is strength: the impact of the 1946 sugar strike and the International Longshoremen's and Warehousemen's Union (ILWU) on labor organization in Hawaii
HAWN HD5325 .S852 1946 C66 1995
1995 Graduate Peter, Joakim Jojo
Eram's church (bell): local appropriations of Catholicism on Ettal
PAC BV3677 .P48 1995
1996   No prizes awarded
1997   No prizes awarded
1998 Undergraduate No prize awarded
1998 Graduate Field, Julie Suzanne
Landscapes of choice: settlement patterns of the Sigatoka Valley, Fiji
PAC GN875 .F5F54 1998
1999   No prizes awarded
2000 Graduate Walsh, Julianne M.
Adoption and agency: American adoptions of Marshallese children
PAC HV875.58 .M434 W35 2000
2000 Graduate West, Eric W.
Prehistoric voyaging and the East Polynesian homeland: an analysis of adzes from Eiao Island in the Northern Marquesas
PAC GN875 .P64 W47 2000
2001   No prizes awarded
2002   No prizes awarded
2003   No prizes awarded
2004   Prize contest not held
2005   Prize contest not held

No prizes awarded


No prizes awarded


Prize contest not held

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