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Library Guidelines for Determining Pay Classification of Student Assistant

The following is a general guideline for determining pay classifications of student assistants. Students do not have to meet all of the requirements stated in order to be recommended for a specific class. Final determination shall be made by the campus student employment office.

Student Assistant A1

The student is expected to perform routine tasks which require no specialized experience or knowledge at the first step. The job assigned can be mastered with minimal instruction or demonstration. As experience is gained, the student may be expected to accomplish more varied tasks. The student is normally under direct supervision and has no supervisory responsibility. Examples of duties are filing, posting, shelving books, typing rough drafts from notes or making entries on card files (not expected to type finished correspondence, etc.), washing laboratory glassware, and manual tasks involving light physical effort.

Student Assistant A2

The student is expected to perform a variety of tasks which require some knowledge of rules, procedures and policies, or have completed introductory level course work. The student accomplishes the tasks in accordance with established procedures. In many instances, the student has progressed from a Student Assistant A1 having gained knowledge and skills within the operation. A student in this class may supervise Student Assistant A1s. Examples of duties are finished typing according to prescribed format, reviewing documents or papers for accuracy and completeness, simple programming under supervision, library research requiring student to summarize materials, and situations requiring similar judgmental processes. Also in this class are positions requiring manual skills and arduous physical work.

Student Assistant A3

The student is expected to perform a variety of tasks that have some responsibility, requiring a special skill or knowledge, or have taken intermediate level course work. The student normally performs these tasks with minimum supervision and may have some supervisory and training responsibility. Included in this class are routine programming, laboratory work involving research and testing, research work involving interpretation of materials, word processing, and other technical work involving initiative and independent action. A student may temporarily be assigned to this class when substituting for clerical civil service personnel who are on leave.

Student Assistant A4

The student normally will have completed advanced level course work or have an undergraduate degree and perform tasks that require a highly specialized skill or knowledge under minimal supervision. Tasks performed within this classification would normally be the type of tasks performed by BOR appointees or intermediate grade civil service positions, i.e., SR-13 or above. Included in this class are research requiring analysis of data, long term management of an office in the absence of a full-time supervisor, training and supervision of several individuals, computer related work requiring substantial knowledge of a programming language or technical software, other work requiring the student to use independent judgement in decision making.

Student Assistant A5

The student is required to perform highly specialized tasks requiring specialized skills and/or knowledge. Students will normally have completed an undergraduate degree and perform tasks independently. These are generally situations which may require special recruiting to obtain the talent needed. Included in this class are research requiring final reporting, training and supervision of a substantial staff, highly technical programming, and other work requiring the student to make decisions which would be binding on a unit or requiring initiative. Such cases are normally expected to involve work which is closely related to the student's academic program.

Student Assistant A6

This classification is reserved for graduate students performing duties normally assigned to a Graduate Assistant (Research Assistant or Teaching Assistant) or an intermediate level Board of Regent appointee and must be recommended by the hiring unit. Students are expected to have substantial responsibility for course, program, project or departmental decisions. Students in this category would usually have completed an undergraduate degree and be near completion of a Master's degree or possess skills that would demand this level compensation in the general market. They would be performing duties independently and may supervise others.

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