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Desktop Network Services(DNS)

Policies and Procedures

How to Request Assistance to Resolve Computer Problems

These instructions are for UH Manoa Library staff only (Hamilton and Sinclair Libraries)

Report problems related to microcomputers, microcomputer software, printers, scanners, barcode readers, classroom equipment and network connections to DNS. Reports problems related to Voyager modules and WebPAC functioning to the Systems Department (

DNS receives problem reports and requests for assistance via the web help desk system. Hamilton staff Login to: Web Help Desk; Sinclair and OFF CAMPUS use: Web Help Desk. If you are unable to use the Web Help Desk system, you may send requests by email to

DNS has an office phone number (956-2478) that accepts voice mail messages. In urgent situations (such as classroom microcomputer or projector problems right before a class starts; or smoking/sparking/burning equipment) or in situations where essential functions are completely halted because of microcomputer problems - please call the office.

Troubleshooting Network Connections

If you experience a network connection problem the following information is needed for troubleshooting:

Please note that many network "problems" are temporary. During peak hours (M-F 11am-2pm) downloading or uploading large files may be significantly slow, esp. during the first weeks of a semester. Automatic updates of virus scan programs (Mcafee) or Windows updates may also temporarily slow computer function.

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