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Requests should be formally initiated using the Microcomputer Purchase Request Form (Figure 1 in PDF). The State bid lists for equipment (software not on a list) may serve the requestor as a guide, but requests need not be limited to items found there. All requests should be accompanied by support material in the form of attachments (e.g. copies of pages from state price lists, vendor's brochures, catalog descriptions, review articles). Please note that rules governing state price lists and purchases of items similar to those on state price lists may require Fiscal to obtain additional justification or extra forms to be filled out in order to proceed with the purchase.

The Purchase Request form must be filled out completely and contain a brief description of the merits and intended use of the requested item. If phone quotes from vendors (as in the case of software purchases) are required to be performed by the requesting department then a Phone Quote form (Figure 2) should be attached.

The departmental microcomputer liaison should submit the form to Lucy Usui for routing to the department's Administrative representative and the Administrative group for review. Approved requests will be forwarded to the Fiscal Office. Those not approved will be returned with brief comment.

1. Hardware

Purchase requests for any microcomputer equipment or peripherals should be submitted on the Microcomputer Purchase Request form. Please note that pricing information is not required at the point of request since the exact specifications will be determined after approval in consultation with Systems (Figure 1 in PDF).

2. Software

Requests may be submitted for new software programs or for additional copies/upgrades of existing software. Requests for software to be used on a staff member's personal microcomputer located at work will only be considered if deemed necessary for an approved project.


Approved requests for purchase will be routed to the Fiscal Office and should therefore follow the procedures listed below for most efficient handling. The following is a general description of the purchase request guidelines.

The 5 categories of purchase requests are based upon total purchase costs including tax, freight and other charges. Usually the product or service must be purchased from the lowest bidding vendor. If there is no local (i.e. Hawaii-based) vendor, a justification for not buying the product locally may be required.

Requestors should perform the steps outlined in the table below. Requestors should refer to the Yellow Pages "Computers-" subheadings for vendors from whom quotes or information may be solicited. Information on quotation solicitation rules based on the January 30, 1992 Memorandum from Ralf T. Horii, Vice President for Finance and Operations, on the subject of "Purchases Not Exceeding $4,000"

Total Purchase CostSoftwareHardware Add-on
Under $1001 Phone quote1 Phone quote
$101 -$ 5001-3 Phone quotes1-3 Phone quotes
$501 - $1000Min 3 Phone quotesMin 3 Phone quotes
$1001 - $4000*Provide names and addresses of 3 vendorsProvide names and addresses of 3 vendors
Over $4000**Consult with Fiscal OfficeN/A

Note: For new hardware purchases Systems will consult with department to determine specifications after purchase approved. Systems will do related paperwork for submission to Fiscal.


* Requests for purchase of items between $1000.01 and $4,000.00 must be submitted to 3 vendors for written quotes (or be listed on approved State Price Lists.) The Fiscal Office will submit the written request for quotes to vendors on an official University of Hawaii Request for Quotation form. Information for the quotation including names and addresses of potential vendors, estimated total cost and technical specifications should be supplied by the requestor. The final request amount(s) will be determined based upon the quoted price(s). As a rule, the purchase must be made from the lowest bidder who can supply the item(s) which match or exceed the specifications listed on the Request for Quotation.

** Requests for purchase of items over $4,000 require submission of formal bids solicited by advertising. Requestors should consult with the Fiscal Office prior to beginning the request process for purchases which are likely to exceed a total of $4,000. Information for the quotation including names and addresses of potential vendors, estimated total cost and technical specifications should be supplied by the requestor. In addition, special justification documentation (e.g. "Sole Source Justification" or "Sole Brand Justification") may need to be prepared. The Fiscal Office will prepare the official paperwork based upon data supplied by the requestor.

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