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APPROVED EFFECTIVE JANUARY 13, 2003 (per 12/23/02 Admin Notes)

Virtually all functions of the library rely upon microcomputer technology. In addition to the Hawaii Voyager server equipment, as of Spring 2002 the Library utilizes 9 servers, almost 500 microcomputers, more than 135 printers, of which over 30 are networked, approximately 100 barcode readers, and 8 debit printing paystations. This document contains information about the procedures associated with selection and purchase of microcomputer-related hardware and software, an explanation of Desktop Network Services role and support responsibilities and a sample microcomputer-related purchase request form that may be used by staff.


The Library endeavors, insofar as finances permit, to support staff requests for purchase of software or hardware which enhance library services and operations, staff productivity, research or projects. Determination of source(s) and amount of funding (other than grant-funded projects) for purchase of microcomputer-related equipment is the domain of Library Administration (i.e. University Librarian in conjunction with the Fiscal Officer and the Administrative group). Each fiscal year (FY) the Fiscal Officer designates an approximate amount to the Desktop Network Services (DNS) fund number to be used for all non-grant-funded microcomputer and network-related purchases.

Requests for purchase may be generated either at the department level (e.g. through a solicitation of lists of "departmental needs" by a Division Head) or by an individual staff member transmitting a request to their department head. Requests may support either departmental or shared computing needs or individual library-related research or projects. Requests for items which are compatible with existing Library hardware and software are strongly encouraged. Evaluation of the merits of a request is made by the Division Head after consultation (if needed) with the requestor, technical experts in DNS, and the Fiscal Officer. Requests are approved by DNS (category 1 below) or the Division Heads (category 2). Final approval for acquisition of microcomputer hardware and/or software purchased with Library funds is made by the Fiscal Officer based on availability of funds (purchase orders are officially signed by the University Librarian). If the request is approved at all the appropriate levels (Department, Division, Fiscal), DNS will obtain official price quotes and create and send purchase request memos to the Fiscal Department utilizing information from the requestor(s) and vendor(s) following UH and State purchasing procedures. See Fiscal Procedure For Quotes/Bids and Decision Making Flow For Staff Microcomputer Requests below.

Each department may designate a liaison to coordinate the microcomputer-related priorities and requests of the unit. If a microcomputer liaison is not identified, DNS will work with the Department Head and/or other departmental staff on a case-by-case basis. Requestors should consult with DNS on technical issues, compatibility, support requirements and possible alternatives before preparing purchase request proposals. Requests may be initiated using the purchase request form (see attached) or a memo. As much supporting information as possible (product name, version, platform [Windows or Mac], company, address, phone number, URL) and the purpose, intended use and a brief justification of the requested items should be supplied. If the item requested is a component or peripheral, information about the computer in which the hardware is to be incorporated or to which the peripheral is to be connected, should also be supplied. If the item requested is software, information about the computer on which it is to be installed (including whether a previous version already exists) should be included in the request. Requestors should contact DNS for assistance or if they have a particular goal or project for which they wish DNS to perform research or investigate suitable hardware and/or software options. An account number should be provided if the request is to be funded by a grant or other special funding.

Requests for purchases routed to the Fiscal Office must follow the approved State and University procedures. There are 4 categories of purchase requests based upon total purchase costs. Usually the product or service must be purchased from the lowest bidding vendor or an approved state price list. If there is no local (i.e. Hawaii-based) vendor, a justification for not buying the product locally may be required.


1) Micros or peripheral hardware which cost less than $100-$250; Single copies of standard software*

a) DeptHead/Micro Liaison/Staff contacts DNS for preliminary consultation
DeptHead/Micro Liaison/Staff sends request to DNS
   i) DNS consults with requestor if needed, obtains or verifies price quotation
     1) DNS submits P.O. request to Fiscal, purchase is made from funds allocated to DNS budget as assigned by Library Administration at the start of each fiscal year

2)Micros or peripheral hardware which costs more than $100-$250; Multiple copies of standard software*
Single copies of non-standard software; site licenses; networked or server-based applications
Unique, unusual, very expensive, potentially incompatible or insecure hardware or software

a) Dept Head/Micro Liaison/Staff contacts DNS for preliminary consultation then Dept Head sends request to Division Head
DeptHead sends request to Division Head    i) Division Head refers request to DNS with recommendation
seeks further information from requestor and/or DeptHead
seeks further information from DNS
     (1) DNS consults with requestor if needed, determines specifications and compatibility, obtains or verifies price quotation
       (a) DNS reports back to Division Head
        (i) Division Head returns request to DNS with recommendation
          1. DNS obtains or verifies price quotations if recommendation is positive
            a. DNS submits P.O. request to Fiscal, purchase is made from funds allocated to DNS budget as assigned by Library Admin. at the start of each fiscal year.

Dollar AmountNumber and Type of Quotations Solicited
0 - $2,499.99No minimum number of quotations required. Library prefers at least 2 where possible; written/printed price information should be obtained from vendor submitting lowest verbal quotation
$2,500 - $14,999.993 or more verbal quotations (or be listed on approved UH/State Price Lists); written quotation should be obtained from vendor submitting lowest verbal quotation
$15,000 - $24,999.993 or more written quotations (or be listed on approved UH/State Price Lists). The Fiscal Office will submit the written request for quotes to vendors on an official University of Hawaii Request for Quotation form. The final request amount(s) will be determined based upon the quoted price(s). As a rule, the purchase must be made from the lowest bidder who can supply the item(s) which match or exceed the specifications listed on the Request for Quotation.
$25,000 or more Formally advertised procurement (Invitation for Bids, Request for Proposals), or Sole Source purchase. The Fiscal Office prepares the official paperwork based upon data supplied by DNS after consultation with the requestor, if appropriate.



The Library Information Technology Division was created in 1995, and the Desktop Network Services (DNS) unit officially established in January 1996. The department was formed by reassigning two APT electronic technician positions from the Systems Department and a librarian from the Public Services Division. The new unit was created to focus on supporting networking and desktop computing needs of library users and staff. The department performs its work within the framework of the mission and strategic goals of the Library Information Technology Division ( DNS is responsible for

  1. maintenance of all microcomputer-based equipment related to library-wide services or initiatives (for example, public web and electronic database access, circulation,cataloging, and other technical services workstations, network printer servers, debit printing systems, library web and proxy servers),
  2. maintenance of network and datacomm equipment and services for Hamilton Library** and
  3. providing basic support for standard microcomputer (client) software on staff and public equipment (see software list on page 2).

DNS performs the first diagnostic pass on malfunctioning public and departmental microcomputer equipment after receiving requests for assistance of problem reports via email or phone call. After diagnosis, DNS recommends a possible course of action, and when necessary arranges for warranty service, repair or replacement. Repairs or replacements which incur additional costs are coordinated with the Fiscal Office.

DNS performs consultation, purchase and installation of software. First level troubleshooting of software problems may be performed by DNS, or the department, as appropriate. DNS stores master copies of software, purchase documentation including warranty/upgrade information and tracks license compliance. DNS provides very basic instruction in use of standard programs such as internet browsers, MS Word, Excel and Powerpoint.

Major functions performed by DNS:

* Per the Interim Division Head for Library Information Technology, June 1999, the standard software supported by DNS is:

Since 1999, DNS has regularly purchased and/or installed:

** Sinclair works directly with ITS and UH Telecomm to add, change, delete datajack and phone lines. DNS consults with ITS and Sinclair as appropriate to support staff and public PCs, networked staff printers and Goprint paystations.

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