Desktop Network Services(DNS)

Policies and Procedures

Requesting Purchase of Microcomputer Hardware

  1. If you have a microcomputer hardware need, or if you would like to discuss hardware that you are considering, send a request for assistance to DNS using the Web Help Desk system. Hamilton staff Login to: Web Help Desk; Sinclair and OFF CAMPUS use: Web Help Desk
  2. If you have a specific configuration or product in mind, please include the product name, version number, platform (Windows or Mac), company, address, phone number, company Internet URL and include a brief justification (your need for the hardware), and/or the computer in (or to) which the hardware will be installed or connected to. You do not need to provide an account number unless you are requesting the hardware on a grant or other special funding.
  3. DNS will then either submit a request for quote and then a requisition directly to the Fiscal Office or talk with the requester if additional information is needed. DNS will receive the hardware and install it.

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