Desktop Network Services(DNS)

Policies and Procedures

Guidelines for Requesting Moves, Adds, Changes in Equipment

It is important to contact DNS early in your planning for new equipment or equipment moves and changes. Tell us what you would like to accomplish. If you don't know how you want to do it, that's okay. DNS can offer suggestions.

Here are your basic tasks:

  1. Equipment - determine what equipment is to be ordered, changed or moved. If you need to order new equipment, DNS can describe the strengths and weaknesses of various alternatives.
  2. Power - find an unused, working electrical outlet within 6 feet of the equipment.
  3. Space - allow about 6 inches of clear space around heat producing equipment.
  4. Network connection - find or request a data jack within 6 feet of the equipment, if needed.
  5. Furniture - provide a table or other support for the equipment.
  6. Furniture moves - arrange to have furniture moved as needed (DNS does not move furniture).
  7. Security - insure that there is something to which the equipment can be locked.
  8. Surge protector - provide a computer-rated surge protector into which the equipment can be plugged, or
  9. UPS - request an uninterruptable power supply (UPS) for critical equipment (no surge protector or extension cord should be used with a UPS).
  10. Decision - reach a decision and freeze planning and changes.
  11. Documentation - document decisions and distribute the information by email to make sure everyone involved has the same understanding.
  12. Priorities - if you are making more than one request, prioritize them. If you don't, DNS will - we have to schedule your requests.
  13. Layout map - draw a map to scale to show where you would like the equipment located. Show the locations of the items mentioned in steps 1-5. Provide enough detail so that persons unfamiliar with your operations can understand the map. The department head or person responsible should initial the map before it is submitted to DNS.
  14. Pre-planning - invite DNS to discuss your needs early in your planning process.

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