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Desktop Network Services (DNS)

Powering Off Computers and Related Equipment During Power Outages

For Collection Services(aka Technical Services) and Sinclair:

The departments are responsible for powering off computers and related equipment before a scheduled power outage occurs powering on after power is restored, unless advised otherwise by DNS. The departments are also responsible for powering equipment off after an unexpected outage occurs.

For Hamilton Library Public Services:

Computers and related equipment in PUBLIC areas will be powered off and back on by DNS staff. Equipment located within staff office areas should be powered off by departmental staff. In the case of unexpected outages, staff should attempt to power off as many computers and related equipment as is possible, depending on the nature of the power emergency.

DNS attempts to remind departments of this responsibility before and after outages. Given the size of the Hamilton Library building and other tasks performed by DNS during outages, DNS appreciates assistance from the departments in the matter of powering computers and related equipment off and on.

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