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Classroom Printer Problems

Hamilton classrooms, #113 and #306 (Phase II) and #156 (Phase III) are equipped with a single HP LaserJet networked printer in each room.

  1. Reboot the computer and make sure that it connects to the network (there may be a logon required, if CANCEL is selected, the printer will NOT be available). If this doesn't resolve the problem,
  2. turn the printer off and then on, and then restart the PC. To turn the printer off, you may need to UNPLUG the POWER CORD. If the printer has an external Jet Direct card with a separate power supply, unplug and replug that as well.
  3. Check the START -- SETTINGS -- PRINTERS and make sure there is a printer icon (not just "Add a Printer"). Make sure that the printer is set as the default and NOT set to "Work Offline" (these options are found under the File pull down menu when a printer icon is highlighted). Printer Settings
  4. Check to see that the printer has paper, is not jammed, and is connected to the datajack. (The Public Services Division Head/Library Administration is responsible for stocking supplies in the classrooms.)

Try printing again after checking and changing the settings; these steps solve most printing problems. If they do not, call Library Administration at 67205 (urgent) or use the online DNS Web Help Desk (Sinclair use: Web Help Desk) to report problems and ask questions. After logging in, click on the FAQ button at the top of the screen for more information (non-urgent).

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