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Agency History

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Agency History

Faculty Senate as such was created by the Board of Regents’ amending their bylaws on 17 May 1962. Prior to this date, faculty had participated in the governance of the University of Hawai‘i but had done so in bodies which were not exclusively faculty in makeup and in which the faculty did not have the power to institute sessions. Early faculty participation in governance began in September of the first year of college-level instruction, 1908, and has continued with minor interruptions since that beginning. For a more detailed history of the faculty involvement in governance at the University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa, see Cartwright, “History of the Evolution of Faculty Participation in the Governance of the University of Hawai‘i, 1908-1962” at Hamilton Library ScholarSpace,

The revision to the bylaws by the Board of Regents mentioned above altered the previous University Senate to create Faculty Senate. The University Senate as it existed prior to this revision, included several administrators either appointed by the president or specified in the bylaws of the BOR, and all faculty of the rank of IV or V (associate and full professors). The new Faculty Senate was made up of seventy-five elected faculty members with specified numbers coming from ranks II through V, and additional faculty members representing each of the colleges, including Hilo Branch. None of the senators could simultaneously serve on the Administrative Council. In addition, the president of the University ceased being the presiding officer of the senate, and became an ex officio member, but without vote. 1

Up through 1970, the organization of the Board of Regents’ bylaws appeared relatively simple; the entire document as adopted 13 January 1966 takes up only six and one half pages in the BOR Minutes. Article VII concerns the faculty, in which Section B specifies that faculty senate should function according to its charter approved by the Board. (The BOR adoption of the new Faculty Senate in May 1962 in essence formulated the initial charter for UHM’s faculty senate.) The section authorizes any college or other unit in the University system to organize its own senate or council.2 The amendments made to the Bylaws between January 1966 and the publication by the Board of Regents of its Bylaws in 1970 did not affect the section on faculty.3

In the 1978 printing of the Bylaws of the Board of Regents, they had become much more complex in organization with four major parts: A, pertaining to the Hawai‘i State Constitution; B, pertaining to the Hawai‘i State Code; C, pertaining to the functions of the Board of Regents; and D, containing the Board of Regents Policies. In D, Section I, general aspects of the University, part 10, entitled “Faculty Involvement in Academic Decision Making and Academic Policy Development” the Board of Regents delegates to faculty on the various campuses the authority to create organizations through which the faculty exercise their role in the decision making. Each campus was to determine its own organization and adopt its own bylaws and rules of procedure.4 The section authorizes the various senates to speak for faculty in such matters as policy planning; budget planning and implementation policies; student-faculty relations policies; evaluation of faculty and campus academic administrators; plus two other areas.5 The web site for the Board of Regents, Policies and Bylaws Chapter 1, Section 1.10, contains essentially the same concepts; it has the date 12 April 1979, amended 18 October 2002.6


1Charter of the Faculty Senate of the University of Hawaii, reprinted, Sept. 1962, 7 pp. (call number in the Hawaiian Collection, LG961 .H375 H37) and Minutes of the Board of Regents, 17 May 1962, p. 14, University Archives, Manuscript A2008:014.*

2 Board of Regents By-laws, 1970, section VII.B. Copy in Hamilton Library, Hawaiian Collection, call #: LG961 .H38 A3 1970.*

3Minutes of the Board of Regents, Manuscript A2008:014, for dates 11 Dec. 1968, 20 Oct. 1969, and 21 Sept. 1970.*

4Board of Regents Bylaws, 1978, Part D Policies, section 1.10, Hawaiian Collection, call # LG961 .H38 A3 1978.*


6 On 12 April 1979, the Board of Regents unanimously approved a report from a Regents’ ad hoc committee on faculty governance which seemingly confirmed the previous policy and charter for UHM Faculty Senate.*

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Scope & Content Note

The records of Faculty Senate in the accession number A1992:001 generally cover the years 1967-1999. Records from Faculty Senate before 1967 are in earlier accessions to the University Archives. Records of other bodies of faculty involved in the governance of the University of Hawai‘i are available in Early Faculty Governance collection.

This collection of faculty governance records includes eleven series with one series divided into six subseries. The first two series contain the minutes and agenda of Faculty Senate meetings and the minutes and agenda of Faculty Congress from 1967 to 1999. The holdings of the Senate Executive Committee range from 1967 to 1998, with the exception of the records for one academic year, 1983/1984; these are missing from the records. While primarily minutes and agenda, the series of Senate Executive Committee also contain memoranda, supplementary materials, etc. The fourth series contains contains records of the standing committees of the Senate; because each of these committees carries out significant Senate work, this series has been divided into subseries for each standing committee.

The scope of the records within each standing committee varies. Committee on Administration and Budget (CAB) records run from 1981-1998. The records of the Committee on Academic Policy and Planning (CAPP) run from 1978-1998. Committee on Faculty Service (CFS) includes records of earlier standing committees of Faculty Senate which conducted the same function under different names: Committee on Committees, Elections Committee, and Committee on Selections; the records of this subseries run from 1979 to 1999. The records of the Committee on Professional Matters (CPM) has the most gaps in its record; the extant materials cover the years 1978-1980, 1986/1987 academic year, and 1989-1998. The records of the Committee on Athletics (COA) run from 1994 (the year it was established) to 1998; prior to 1994, no Faculty Senate committee on athletics at UH existed, only an administrative committee appointed by the president, consisting of members nominated by the athletic department and a faculty member nominated by Faculty Senate. Finally, the Committee on Student Affairs (CSA) records run from 1990-1999.

The seven remaining series consist of records of ad hoc committees; reports; memoranda; proposals of academic programs made to Faculty Senate; subject files; resolutions of Faculty Senate; and materials pertaining to the All Campus Council of Faculty Senate Chairs (ACCFSC).

The records of the ad hoc committees span 1978 to 1990. Generally ad hoc committees have short runs of one or two years. The reports in the next series come from various sources, dating from 1972-1996. This series includes files on program reviews, miscellaneous news items, and tuition schedules. More formal reports include effects of tuition increases; alcohol and drug policy; and the WASC Accreditation reports from 1991. This series is arranged alphabetically. The memoranda series focuses almost exclusively on memoranda to or from President Kenneth Mortimer; Carol Eastman, Vice President for Academic Affairs; and Alison Kay and Kiyoshi Ikeda, co-chairs of Faculty Senate. A small number of folders contains miscellaneous memoranda.

The series of proposals for academic programs would normally be in the records of CAPP–at least so one would expect. They have, however, been filed by themselves in a separate system by Faculty Senate, probably to enhance ease of access, and archival staff have retained this arrangement. One should check in the files of CAPP, however, in addition to this series, in order to be certain to locate all information available on a proposal. Proposals series covers the approximate span of 1984 to 1998 and are organized alphabetically by the title of the proposed program. As CAPP usually voted on more than one proposal at a meeting and created only one cover memo to accompany the proposal recommendations sent back to Senate Executive Committee, one should also look at the other proposals by title voted on by CAPP on the same date to verify one has seen all information available.

The series of subject files are arranged alphabetically within one chronological time frame, 1979-1999. The series of resolutions of Faculty Senate are a small series covering 1992-1995. Other resolutions may be interfiled among SEC series and in Senate minutes and agenda series. The series of materials on ACCFSC cover the years 1987 to 1993.

This collection of records from Faculty Senate has been arranged in such a way that records in future accessions can be merged in most cases into this collection at the end of each series and subseries. This scope note will need to be updated with each accumulating addition in an addendum added here.

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