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Inventory, Box A-6

Name Title Date
Tsubaki, Kiyoto The Nu'uanu Japanese Church Dormitory and a Brief Resume of the Men's Dormitories in Honolulu [Also has information in the "resume" of other dormitories throughout the city.] n.d.
Tsukiyama, Kazu The Japanese Language Schools 1940
Tsukiyama, Kazu Present Problems of Labor Supply and Control on the Plantations in Hawai'i . 1939
Turner, Arthur N. Racial Discrimination in Employment in Hawai'i 1949
Tyau, Hannah Punchbowl (Portugese) [ a community analysis] 1940
Uchimura, Masayuki Waiäkea-Uka [Island of Hawai'i (near Hilo) [Community analysis] 1930
Uchiyama, Fusao Japanese Immigrants 1948
Uenoyama, Ryutaro et alia Marriage Relations of the Japanese People n.d.
Uenoyama, Ryutaro Changing Conventions of Pre-Marital Relations
Morimoto, Aiko Conflicts of the Sexes in Various Places of Marriage
Kouchi, Grace Factors in Marriage Selection
Miike, Fred Sources of Conflict Between Husband and Wife
Kimura, Takeo The Standards of Marital Relations
Ujiki, Misao The Japanese Community in the Village of Honoka'a [Hämäkua Coast, Island of Hawai'i] 1932
Ung, Margaret The Waiäkea Houselot Community(67) 1937
Uno, Hirobumi A Comparative Study of the Family in Japanese Peasant Society and the Family of the Middle Class Urban Society in the United States. 1942
Uno, Hirobumi; Hirai, Gene Christian Science: First Church of Christ, Scientist ­ of Honolulu n.d.
Uto, Kaoru An Immigrant from Japan 1948
Utsumi, Mary Migration in My Family 1943
Uyenoyama, Hedesuke Personal and Cultural Study of Kurtistown 1937
Vellom, Betty Race Relations in Jobs 1946
Verhusen, Ben L. Culture Norms and Conflicts in a Large Military Hospital 1950
Wallace, Samuel D. Maunaloa [sic] Flow Disaster n.d.(68)
Watanabe, James K.(69) Foreign Trade of Hawai'i 1928
Watrous, Anna; and Ikeda, Elsie A Plantation Community: 'Ewa and Hakalau(70) 1936
Webster, Molly; and Koch, Beverly A Study of Cheating at the University of Hawai'i n.d.
Wessel, Pauline Central Union Church [Social Institutions] n.d.
Westley, Mrs.[Ella T.](71); & Chow, Phyllis Organized Religious Churches in Honolulu 1936
Won, Esther Personal Experiences in Race Relations at a Mainland University 1949
Wong, Dorothy and Tatsuyama, Tamiko, cochairs Faith Healing in Hawai'i 1948
Morigaki, June Mokusa Yaito- - - Is It Faith Healing?
Morigaki, June I Was a Reiki Patient
Komatsubara, Tomiye; and Morigaki, June Faith Healing at a Shingon Mission
Komatsubara, Tomiye Interview with Jitsumyo Uyehara of the Shingon Temple, 13 May 1948
Komatsubara, Tomiye Christian Science, an Interview(72)
Miyashiro, Sadao An Interview with a Faith Healing Practitioner, 22 April 1948
Kitagawa, Michiko Reiki
Kitagawa, Michiko Kahunaism
Greaves, Bobbe Faith Healing in Hawai'i: an Interview
Uesato, George Faith Healing: 1)An Interview with a Bodaiji Priest; 2)Accounts of Experienced Faith Cures
Tatsuyama, Tamiko Faith Healing Practices
Wong, Dorothy Faith Healing Practices Among the Chinese
Wong, Grace A Study of the Beretania St. Chinese Church of Christ n.d.
Wong, Kam How Kuan Yin Temple 1941
Wong, Litheia Observations on Collective Behavior n.d.
Wong, Maria K. In Old and New Kaka'ako(73) n.d.
Wong, Ruth K. Y. Käne'ohe as contrasted with Greenwich Village 1940
Wong, Pui Shin Hanalei -- A Rural Community 1948
Wong, Sau Moi Bingham Tract Thru the Eyes of a Chinese 1940
Wong, Sau Moi Changing Attitude of the Chinese Towards the Aged 1941
Worley, Virginia Lee Racial Frontiers in Hawai'i: 1936 and 1946 As Observed By One Person 1948
Worthington, Betty Anne Old Age and the Hawaiian n.d.
Wriston, Arthur James The Filipino Labor Situation in the Hawaiian Sugar Industry(74) 1928
Yadao, Elias Mental Illness in Hawai'i: A Study of the Filipino Patients at the Territorial Hospital 1948
Yahiku, Fusako Migrations in My Family 1943
Yahiku, Fusako Social Change [1943]
Yama, Evelyn; & Zimmerman, Margaret Race Relations in a Hawaiian Business Firm 1952
Yama, Evelyn; Zimmerman, Margaret The Assimilation of the Middle Class Nisei and It's Impact on Personality Development [NOT FOUND] ?
Yamada, Junichi Race Relations on a Plantation 1936
Yamaguchi, Fay Keälia, My Community [Kaua'i](75) 1948
Yamamoto, George S. Mcinerny [sic] -- Kamehameha Heights. Plus an additional summary, "Opinions on Interracial Marriage of Atherton House Residents." n.d.
Yamamoto, Misako Cultural Conflicts and Accommodation of the First and Second Generations 1938
Yamamoto, Misako History of 'Ahana Lane(76) [one block 'Ewa of Käheka] 1937
Yamamura, Douglas S. A Study of Some of the Factors in the Education of the Child of Hawaiian Ancestry in Häna, Maui(77) 1941
Yamamura, Douglas Bell Boys 1936
Yamasaki, Ryoichi Study of a Fishing Community on the Island of Kaua'i [Kukui'ula](78) 1939
Yamasaki, Ryoichi Two Fishing Communities: Blanc Sablon and Kukui'ula 1940
Yamase, Molly The Okumura Home 1948
Yamashita, Hisako Conflict in Snelling(79) n.d.
Yamato, Masami A Sociological Study of Pä'ia Town 1937
Yanagi, Kenneth Housing in Hawai'i n.d
Yanagihara, Mineko The Personal and Cultural Approach to the Study of My Community: The Waiäkea Houselots [near Hilo] 1937
Yanagihara, Ted My Community [Waiäkea Houselots] 1948
Yang, Sarah Things Korean 1953
Yano, Ayako A Typical Japanese Community in Rural Hawai'i [a kumi-ai near Mountain View, Island of Hawai'i] n.d.
Yano, May My Neighborhood ['Ainahou Dr., Wailuku, Maui] 1948
Yap, Avon; & Honma, Haruo Kïpapa Valley; A Rural Farm Community(80) 1948
Yap, Avon A Juvenile Case as Interpreted By a Student 1948
Yap, Florence Historical Approach to Community Study: Rural Area of Pa'uwela [Makawao district, Maui] n.d.
Yap, Florence Study of the Girls' Dormitories in Honolulu 1929(81)
Yap, Irene My Community [Punahou] 1948
Yap, Lily C. Religious Life of the Filipinos Including Their Birth, Marriage, Sickness, and Death Customs in Hawai'i 1933
Yatogo, Koji Slum Housing and its Relation to Social Disorganization 1950
Yee, H. N. The Settlement Movement in Hawai'i n.d.
Yee, Winfred Urban Society: The Jocko-Jocko 1950
Yee, Saura Types of Relations in a School: Punahou n.d.
Yim, Bernard The Chinese as a Stable Group in Chinatown 1950
Yokoyama, Kazumi Study of the Japanese-Hawaiian Trade n.d.
Yokoyama, Kyoko Report on the Field Trip to Kahalu'u 1949
Yokoyama, Kyoko Social Survey of Kawainui [Island of Hawai'i](82) 1949
Yonge, Marguerite Pouhala, Waikele 1932
Yoshida, Yoshio Bars of Metropolitan Honolulu 1949
Yoshida, Yoshio What Has Been the Effect of Returned Veterans on Home Solidarity Among the Japanese Family Group 1951
Yoshigai, S. Lë'ahi Hospital 1948
Yoshinaga, Toshimi Japanese Buddhist Temples in Honolulu(83) 1936
Yoshimura, Edward M. A History of the Native Population in Hawai'i 1942
Yoshimura, Roy T. A Study of Juvenile Parole Program in Hawai'i 1950
Yoshioka, Florence Seicho-no-Ie 1948
Yoshioka, Jennie A Study of the Recreation of Young People in a Section of Kapahulu Area n.d.
Young, Benson Partial Disorganization in My District [Vineyard, River, College Walk, Liliha, Nu'uanu Streets] 1951
Young, Elsie Divorce, A Factor in the Disorganization of the Urban Family 1940
Young, Jennie N. M.; & Wong, Kam How The Inter-Island Strike as a Form of Collective Behavior 1941
Young, Jennie N. M. The Study of Religious Institutions in Honolulu: St. Elizabeth's Episcopal Mission 1941
Yukitomo, A. T. The Japanese in Hawai'i 1930
Yutaka, Teruko The Shinto Daijingu Temple of Honolulu 1941
Zane, Arthur K. Y. The Reciprocity Treaty of 1876 and It's Effects on the Hawaiian Islands(84) 1928
Zink, Leland The Army and Navy Y.M.C.A. 1928


67.Includes hand drawn map. Pages are heavily foxed; NO PHOTOCOPYING.

68.Concerns the eruption of Mauna Loa beginning 1 June 1950.

69.Thesis, submitted "as partial requirement for graduation in the course in Commerce" at the University of Hawai'i.

70.Two authors visited Ewa plantation and compared with personal experiences from Hakalau plantation.

71.Mrs. Ella T. Westley [with a "t" in her surname] is listed as an unclassified student in Catalog, 1936.

72.Includes "A Few Questions and Answers About Christian Science," Christian Science Publishing Society, 1946.

73.Includes hand drawn maps, charts, and a drawing and has five photographs mounted on four pages.

74."Thesis submitted in partial satisfaction of the requirements for the degree of Bachelor of Arts in Commerce" at the University of Hawai'i.

75.Includes hand drawn map.

76.Includes four hand drawn maps on very thin paper plus charts.

77.Thesis submitted for Master of Education degree at the University of Hawai'i in June 1941.

78.Includes one hand drawn map.

79.Fort Snelling, Minnesota, site of the Army Japanese language training school during World War II.

80.Contains several edited sections crossed out or with revisions stapled or taped to the original page.

81.Date written on paper by later RASRL personnel says 1929. In essay, writer indicates that Kaiulani Girls' Home was begun twenty years earlier. Polk directory of Honolulu has entries for Kaiulani Girls' Home as early as 1905/06.

82.Includes a hand drawn map.

83.Includes one large format chart comparing various Buddhist temples.

84.Signed "O.K. Ben Dorfman" who is the same man who signed the theses for the Bachelor's degree at University of Hawai'i above. (See Wriston, [find others.])

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