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Inventory, Box A-5

Name Title Date
Oshima, Yasuko Seicho No Ie In Hawai'i 1944
Oshiro, Harold The Control of the Community Over the Family Structure: An Account of Okinawan -- Naichi Relationship in My Community 1948
Oshiro, Shizuko; & Shimabukuro, Kikue Forms of Social Unrest in the Plantation 1939
Otani, C.T.; Sakoda, H. The Pattern of Expansion as Displayed by Honolulu (54) n.d.
Ouchi, Edward Young Men'sChristian Associaiton, Kaimukï Branch: It's History and Role 1948
Oyama, Grace My Hawaiian Neighbors: Upper Liliha [1948]
Oyama, Misao Corporation Dominance in Lanai 1944
Oyasato, Tom; Ozaki, Ronald H. The Slums and Blighted Areas of Honolulu 1950
Ozaki, Shigeo Community Study: Päpa'ikou [Island of Hawai'i ] (55) 1940
Pang, Kam Lun A Rural Community: Lä'ie, O'ahu n.d.
Pang, Morris A Korean Immigrant 1948
Pearce, Gladys A. St. Andrew's Cathedral 1928
Piimauna, Rebecca; Yanagisako, Elaine; Serikaku, Jean Papakölea: Hawaiian Homestead 1950
Pimm(56) A Study of Wartime Effects on the Vocational and Avocational Problems of Young Men Members of the Central Branch of the Y.M.C.A. of Honolulu 1945
Pirtle, Pauline D.; Newton, Gwendolyn Broken Homes 1950
Potti, Noah A. Population Growth and Trends 1945
Powell, Charles G. A Look at the Bahai Faith n.d.
Price, Gail A Study of some Hawaiian Families in 1950 1950
Protheroe, Irma J. The Class Structure and Mobility Among the Koreans 1950
Richardson, Amy Old Hawaiian Customs and Traditions 1936
Rodrigues, Romona In My Day 1948
Roney, William H.; Leflar, David A Statistical Survey of the Development of Communication and Transportation in the Territory of Hawai'i 1934
Roney, William H. A Survey of the Development and Role of Transportation and Communication in the Territory of Hawai'i 1934
Rose, Ruth The Japanese Language Schools: Their Influence on the Assimilation of Japanese into the American Community n.d.
Ross, Edean Kahuku vs. Samoa 1940
Rutherford, Stuart E.; Judd, Frank C.; Jarrett, Paul J.; Ing, James K. The Police as an Occupational Group 1936
Saiki, Vernon K. Teacher, Pupil and Parent Relationship 1950
Saito, Lillian Sociological Study of Japanese Boys' Clubs in a Plantation Community n.d.
Sakai, Etsuko A Study of the Alexander House Settlement of Maui with Reference to the Henry Street Settlement of New York n.d.
Sakai, Kazuko The Valley of Churches [Kapaia, Kaua'i] 1948
Santoki, S. The Plantation Community of 'Aiea n.d.
Sasai, Louise Comparison of Divorces in Japan to Japanese Divorces in Hawai'i 1934
Sasai, Louise Neighborhood Study: A section of Päwa'a District off Sheridan St. 1936
Sasai, Nobu Neighborhood Study 1937
Sasai, Nobu [Changes in a Rural Community ­] Hale'iwa 1939
Sasaki, Jean; Nishikawa, Leanora Adult Crime in Honolulu 1949
Sato, Fumiko My Immediate Neighborhood 1948
Schmitt, Robert C. Some Ecological Factors in Juvenile Delinquency on O'ahu 1949
Schultz; Kegawa; McComb; Paulsen; Young(57) Divorce in Hawai'i 1939 [?]
Seiji, Janet The Hälawa Veteran Housing Project 1950
Seki, Fumi Honokohua [sic] as a Community(58) n.d.
Shapiro, Harvey A Survey of Cheating at the University of Hawai'i n.d.
Shida, Alice A Neighborhood Community in Japan n.d.
Shields, Mabel [no title] [Personal Disorganization] n.d.
Shikuma, Kazuko The Yanks have Landed...Right in Our Own Backyard [Hilo] 1949
Shigezawa, Annette The Nishi System of Health Engineering 1951
Shigezawa, Annette; Gotanda, Yukio On the Expansion of the City of Honolulu(59) 1949
Shimabukuro, Kikue; & Oshiro, Shizuko The Methodist Church in Hawai'i 1941
Shimokawa, Michiko The Personal and Cultural Approach to the Study of a Community: Kohala Mill, Hawai'i (Japanese People) 1937
Shin, Emma The Korean Methodist Episcopal Church
Shinoda, Minoru The Personal and Cultural Approach to the Study of a Community [Hilo] n.d.
Shiroma, Davis Konkokyo 1941
Shiroma, Davis The Territory, Population and Economy of Waipi'o n.d.
Silva, David The Portugese in Hawai'i: A brief history of the coming of the Portugese to the Hawaiian Islands and their activities there 1929
Siu, Laura A Study of Forty-Two Filipino Barbers 1940
Siu, Laura Occupational Succession of the Chinese People in Hawai'i 1941
Siu, Laura (chairman); Tyau, Hannah; Wong, Ruth; Uchigaki, Tadashi; Yamasaki, Ryoichi; Uenoyama, Hidehiko; Beppu, Tadao Slums in Honolulu(60) n.d.
Smythe, Barbara The Change in Hawaiian Music n.d.
Soong, Edith On Intermarriages -- I Married a Chinese 1948
Souza, Grace A Study of Portugese Immigration to the Plantations in Hawai'i, Mainly a Psychological Study 1939
Souza, Grace; Macy, Emma Unrest in the Plantation Community n.d.
Spillner, Ernest The German Club n.d.
Spolum, Elizabeth M. Attitudes of a Haole Housewife Toward Race Relations in Hawai'i n.d.
Sproat, Thelma, chair; Ralston, Evangeline; Ayau, Lei Homesteading in Hawai'i 1933
Stauffer, Eleanor The Dependant Child [1940]
Stranske, Arthur The Mormon Migration 1940
Stroupe, Connor B. Trends in the Enrollment of Private Schools in the Territory of Hawai'i 1930-1947 1952
Stroupe, Connor B. Jr. A Comparison of Race Relations in the South and Hawai'i 1953
Sueoka, Nancy Grandma's Life Story 1948
Sueoka, Toshiko Leisure Time Activities of Girls in Waipahu n.d.
Suga, Hatsumi Central Union Church 1948
Sugahara, Esther The Strike 1941
Sugahara, Esther A Study of Religious Institutions in Honolulu: Tenrikyo: A Sect of the Shinto Religion n.d.
Sugiura, Peggy A Story of a Kama'aina Japanese Woman 1948
Sumimoto, Haruko My Community Genealogy 1941
Sun, Kam Oi Playgrounds of Honolulu n.d.
Suzuki, A.K. Plantation Community -- Niuli'i [Japanese Society in Niuli'i Village] 1932
Swift, Muriel; & Kaaua, Stella Adult Crime in Hawai'i n.d.
Tada, Dora Superstitions Regarding Childbirth Among Japanese 1946
Tahara, George Maunalaha Valley 1945 [?]
Taira, Sachio Olivet Baptist Church 1948
Takahashi, Shuichi The Study of 'Aiea 1932
Takahashi, Doris; Young, Marilyn; Wong, Sau Moi; Lai, Henry Causes of Juvenile Delinquency n.d.
Takakawa, Judith Cultural Conflicts in the Japanese Immigrant Home 1936
Takano, Thomas A Study of the Problems of the Foreign Language Broadcasts 1947
Takata, Miriam Waihe'e, A Local Community 1948
Takatsuka, Doris Lahainaluna 1948
Takayesu, Saburo; Choo, Andrew; Booth, Jacqueline The Waiale'e Training School 1950
Takemoto, Violet The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints: Central Pacific Mission(61) 1950
Takemoto, Waichi Cheating in the University of Hawai'i 1937
Takeshima, Kasumi Report on the Community of Öla'a(62) n.d.
Tam, Fannie; Wong, Lily Leadership in Collective Behavior n.d.
Tam, Fannie The Migration of the Japanese into the South Sea Islands(63) n.d.
Tam, Fannie Race Relations in Hong Kong n.d.
Tam, Fannie Race Relations in My Neighborhood n.d.
Tam, Phyllis; Suizo, Beatrice Prostitution n.d
Tanaka, Hiroshi Juvenile Delinquency: What Are the Causes of It? n.d.
Tanaka, Masso Report on the Automobile Repair Garages of the City of Honolulu n.d.
Tanaka, Thomas N. The Changing Japanese Family in Hawai'i and the Factors Causing the Present Changes 1930 [?]
Taniguchi, Charles The Ecological Study of the Community: The Kea'au Village (Öla'a)(64) 1937
Tao, Takeo Study of Community: From Beretania to School Streets and Between Fort and Nu'uanu Streets n.d.
Tateishi, Sue My Hometown: Pä'ia 1949
Tatsuno, Howard My Community Geneology [sic] (First and second generations Japanese) 1941
Tatsuyama, Tamiko A Divorce Case I Have Observed 1948
Tavares, Edna; Kimseu, Gladys; Crowell, Elsie The Boarding House as a Social Institution: Ka'iulani Home 1936 [?]
Tinker, J.S. A Study of a Disorganized Community n.d.
Thompson, David E. The Filipino Federation of America in Honolulu's Press 1941 [?]
Tokuda, James(65) (pseudonym) Veteran's Homes: Mänoa Valley 1950
Tofukuji, Harue; Matsunaga, Harue Geishas and Nakai 1936
Tokimasa, Yuki Suicide n.d.
Tolentino, Mildred C. The Pineapple Filipino Hour: Reaching the Filipino Plantation Worker by Radio 1948
Tom, Florence My Community: Bingham Tract (Race Relations) 1948
Tom, Florence Pälama Settlement and House on Henry Street n.d.
Tom, Geraldine Chinese Social Organizations in Honolulu(66) 1946
Tom, Vivian My Community: 1938-1948 (Kaho'okele Street in Wailuku, Maui) 1948
Tomita, R. Pu'unënë, Maui n.d.
Tomita, Rokuro Stereotypes 1952
Tong, G. The Dentistry Problem n.d.
Toyama, Masako My Community Genealogy (Häwï, Kohala, Hawai'i Island) 1941


54.Contains one hand-drawn map of Honolulu plus a copy of a sketch of Honolulu made by the first Rev. Bingham.

55.Contains hand-drawn map

56.Folder contains only surname.

57.Originally filed under Paulsen; paper, however, lists Schulz as first author, so Archives staff provided a new folder with names in order on cover page of paper and moved it to the new alphabetical place.

58.The writer has spelled the town name "Honokohua" with an "o" in the third syllable. Two towns of similar name are in West Maui. "Honokahua" is the larger and closer to Lahaina; "Honoköhau" the smaller and further north and east along the coast. Three reasons suggest the author is discussing Honokahua rather than Honoköhau. First her description of her subject town's being approximately eleven miles from Lahaina more closely resembles the location of Honokahua which is about 10.1 miles north of Lahaina whereas Honoköhau is another 4.8 miles further north and east. Secondly, the writer makes no mention of the other town. If she is writing about Honokahua, it is unlikely she would mention Honoköhau, smaller and further away from Lahaina. Were she describing the smaller more distant town from Lahaina, she would more likely mention the larger town located on the road to Lahaina. Finally, the pronunciation of the final two syllables of Honokahua verses the final diphthong of Honoköhau is so distinctive between the two names, one would suppose a spelling error would not be made in this syllable; hence the writer is more likely describing Honokahua.

59.Content suggests a map was included; it is missing.

60.Contains hand-drawn map, two pages of mounted b/w photographs and several charts mounted on paper at end.

61.Contents suggest the existence of a map showing distribution of Japanese members of the L.D.S. Church. If map was part of paper, it is missing. It is also possible the reference is to one of the RASRL maps.

62.Contains hand-drawn map show community with inset showing relationship to Hilo and Pahoa.

63."South Sea Islands" refers to the island groups under League of Nations mandate to Japan ­ the Carolines, Marianas, and Marshalls.

64.Includes hand-drawn maps.

65.James Tokuda is a pseudonym for Michiro Nakashima

66.Includes numerous typed on half sheets of paper which need to be rehoused in acid-free envelope. Each card contains information on one organization; paper seems to be summary of the information.

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