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Lum, Gladys; Kim, Sarah; Kimura, Yukie; Lee, Mary S. Report on Prostitution 1939
Lum, Kwong Yen [Concerns Italian Prisoners of War held on O'ahu] [NOT FOUND] unknown
Lum, Margaret The " I Am" Movement in Honolulu n.d.
Lum, Margaret A Study of Race Relations in a Local Church Group n.d.
Lum, Ruby The Salvation Army(30) n.d.
Luning, Pearl Alcoholism n.d.
Lyum, Jane; Chung, Barney Ala Moana School Project 1949
MacClean, Charles R. An Ecological Study of A Community [Pa'auilo, Hawai'i Island] 1937
Maeda, Gladys Shingon Shu c 1947
Maeda, Sumiko; Okimoto, Helene; Sonoda, Sheila An Ecological Study of the Hawaiian Pineapple Company Plantation Camps on O'ahu for the Years 1942-1948(31) 1950
Makizuru, Susan I Am an Immigrant 1948
Maney, Florence Mental Diseases Among Immigrants n.d.
Mansfield, Faye(32) A Mainlander's Conception of the Islands 1952
Marques, Adaline The Portugese Protestant Church of Honolulu(33) 1930
Martavid The Development of Marginal Personality n.d.
Marutani, Amy T. Waiäkea Social Settlement 1948
Masuda, Ruth N. Study of an Institution -- Tanomoshi 1936
Masumoto, Grace; Miyasato, Mary; Nako, Alice; & Okura, Flora War Brides in Hawai'i(34) 1949
Matsui, Toshiko Public Health Nursing in Hawai'i 1948
Matsunaga, Masayuki Inter-Racial Relations in Hanapëpë(35) c 1940
Matsunaga, Yoshiro Effect of Unionization on the Plantation Workers ['Öla'a Plantation, Hawai'i Island] n.d. but c 1949
Matsunohi, Tokie A Rural Community ['Öla'a, Puna, Hawai'i Island] n.d.
Matsushima, Toshio The Japanese Family 1930
Matsuura, Kunio The Kibei Post-War Returnees From Japan n.d.
Mau, Beatrice A Cultural Food Study of Families in Hawai'i n.d.
McGregor, Marion Lä'ie Plantation Community(36) 1932
McLaren, Kazue Pälolo Emergency Homes, 1946 1948
McLaren, Kazue Social Disorganization: 8902 Kalaniana'ole Highway 1950
Medeiros, A. Policy of the Honolulu Plantation Company with Regards to Labor and the Corresponding Attitudes of its Employees n.d.
Medeiros, Enos The History of Hämäkuapoko 1937
Medeiros, Enos Some Aspects of Marriage Among the Portugese n.d.
Medeiros, H. A Changing Attitude: Bingham Tract n.d
Medeiros, Helen The "Holy Rollers" 1941
Medeiros, Helen The Russians in Hawai'i n.d.
Medina, Revocato ASUH Election 1947 c 1947
Menor, Benjamin Plantation Kaleidoscope [Pähoa, Puna, Hawai'i Isl.] 1947
Merriles, Clarence A Portugese Family 1948
Mihara, A. Project on Community: Hakalau Plantation(37) 1932
Mills, Jean A Case of Mental Illness n.d.
Miller, Z. Leprosy 1932
Minami, Jessie Social Change [in Kapa'a as occasioned by War.] n.d.
Minami, Mondo Survey of Kahuku as Plantation Community(38) 1932
Mirikitani, Clifford Study of the Race Attitudes of Students of the University of Hawai'i and Student Politics 1932
Misaki, Edward; & Nitta, Hitoshi Street-Corner Gang n.d.
Mitahara, James Pool Halls 1949
[Flag in box suggested a paper had been pulled.]
Mitsui, Kazuko The Nu'uanu Japanese Children's Home 1936
Mitsuka, Roy Manabu The Assimilation of the Japanese(39) n.d.
Miura, Katherine; Aoki, Chie; & Akahoshi, Shirley The Changing Cost of Public Education in Hawai'i n.d.
Miyashiro, Anne S. A Study of Certain Aspects of Waipahu 1937
Miyashiro, Sadao The Hawaiian Homes Commission(40) 1949
Miyashiro, Sadao The Japanese: Where They are Congested in Downtown Honolulu and Their Business Establishments(41) 1949
Miyazaki, Fuji The Japanese People in Mänoa Valley: Sociological Study [corrected] 1930
Miyoshi, Doris; Tsotsumi, Gertrude; Hironaka, Betty Mö'ili'ili Community Association and Its People 1949
Mizuha, Kiyoto Diary of a Japanese Immigrant 1948
Mizusaki, B. Hakolau [sic] Plantation Community [Should be Hakalau] 1932
Mizuta, Iwao; & Sasai, Nobu Parent-Child Relations in the Japanese Family 1938
Moodie, Mary A Survey of the Maui Agricultural Co. Plantation at Pä'ia, Maui 1930
Mori, Masako The Case of Sumi 1945
Morimoto, Elaine; & Yasutake, Peter Study of Waitresses 1936
Morimoto, Florence The Japanese People on the Sugar Plantation of Kekaha n.d.
Morimoto, Harue The Personal and Cultural Approach to the Study of a Community [Hilo] n.d.
Morinaga, Kenneth The Assimilation of the Japanese in Hawai'i 1930
Morinaga, Kenneth Immigrant Institution: The "Tanomoshi" 1930
Mossman, Hortense A Study of Kaka'ako(42) n.d.
Moulton, F.P. Studies on Marriages in Hawai'i 1946
[Existence of flag in box suggests a missing paper.]
Mumm, Kathleen The Personality Adjustment According to Race of the Seniors at McKinley High School n.d.(43)
[Existence of flag at this point suggests a missing paper.]
Muneno, Shinae; et alia Family Disorganization: Factors Leading to Divorce 1946
Muneno, Shinae War Marriages and Divorce
Mirikitani, Clara; & Yonamine, Kay Interracial Marriage and Divorce
Nosse, Beatrice Economic Status as a Factor in Divorce
Aoki, Adora; & Matsuda, Betty The role of Religion in the Family
Okamoto, Jane Education and How it Affects Divorce
Sewake, Ritsuko Sex Factors in Family Disorganization
Tara, Evelyn In-Laws as a Possible Factor in Family Disorganization
Maruno, Peggy Desertion
Watanabe, Cecile; & Harada, Grace Legal Grounds for Divorce
Chang, Gracie Mae The Effects of Divorced Parents on Their Children
Akagi, Bernice; & Hiraoka, Yuriko After Divorce
Murakami, Wallace Camp Life in Plantation 1930
Muranaka, Betty Religious Revival n.d.
Muranaka, Betty A Study of the Nichiren Sect in Honolulu n.d.
Murin, Stephen Hawai'i's Gypsies(44) 1949
Murin, Steve [sic] Hawai'i's Gypsies(45) 1949
Nagai, Marjorie Causes of the Japanese Migration To Hawai'i 1945
Nagai, Yoshino Report on Part of the Japanese Community in Mänoa 1928
Nagano, Masaru The Nichiren Sect Society n.d.
Nagaue, Katsuto Race Relations at the University of Hawai'i: In the Light of Social and Political Contacts 1936
Nagaue, Katsuto; & Murakami, Itsuku Japanese Barber Girls of Honolulu 1936
Nahm, David Several Aspects of Juvenile Delinquency in Honolulu, Hawai'i 1940
Nakagawa, Y. Study of Japanese Children's Home 1932
Nakai, M. The First and Second Generation Japanese in Hawai'i n.d.
Nakamoto, Alice A Japanese Immigrant 1948
Nakamura, Beverly; Yap, Avon;(46) & Chun, Annette A Rural Community: Kahalu'u 1948
Nakamura, Hisao Gang X 1949
Nakamura, Robert Pälama Business District n.d.
Nakamura, Tokumi A Studyof My Neighborhood as a Community:[between Nu'uanu and Fort St., mauka of School](47) 1940
Nakanishi, Ralph My Community: Kula, Maui 1948
Nakao, James The Makaweli Plantation 1932
Nekota, H. Effects of the Housing Shortage 1949 [?]
Nishihara, Richard Changes in My Community [Upper Pälolo Valley] 1949
Nishimoto, Tamayo Sociological Study of the Church of the Crossroads n.d.
Nishimura, Bert A Study of the University of Hawai'i Campus n.d.(48)
Nelson, Jeannette S. My Community: Civilian Housing Area (CHA III) 1948
Nishimura, Dorothy My Neighborhood: [Kaimukï] 1945
Nishimura, Nobue Oki-Kamuro -- Japan and Hawai'i n.d.
Niyekawa, Agnes M. The Adjustment Problems of Students from Japan in an Interracial Situation 1952
Niyekawa, Agnes M. The Effect of Bilingualism on Personality(49) 1952
Nishizaki, Masayoshi Cancer in Hawai'i: A Statistical Survey n.d.
Nojima, Isami Students House: A Cooperative 1948
Nose, Ruth Hulë'ia: 1927-1937 1948
Nottage, Marjorie; & Forbes, Geraldine A Study of a Section in Kaka'ako(50) n.d.
Nozoe, Eleanor The Church of God 1948
Obara, Genevieve Occupational Attitudes of a Selected Group of Rural Young People 1939
Obayashi, Evelyn Hutchinson Plantation Company, Ka'ü 1932(51)
Oda, Harold Y. The Japanese -- Hawaiian Trade(52) 1927
Oda, Sachiko Child and Family Service: It's History and Services 1948
Ogura, Shiku Social Organization in the Central Area n.d.
Ohashi, James; & Maruyama, Bernice Housing: Kamehameha Low Income Housing(53) 1950
Oka, David S. Racial Stereotypes in Hawai'i 1949
Okamoto, Marjorie Boy-Girl Relationships in Mö'ili'ili 1945 [?]
Okamura, Satoru Five Rural Families 1949
Okawa, Miharu Some Attitudes of the Japanese Towards Interracial Marriage 1940
Okimoto, Wallace M. Kapahulu: A Community Study 1949
Okimura, Kenji East Mänoa Organization 1930
Okimura, Kenji The Japanese Community of Mänoa 1930
Okino, Agnes My Community 1948
Okubo, M. Honolulu's Changing Social Life n.d.
Okubo, Miye; Hata, Yukiko; & Saito, Kaname A Study of Insanity in Hawai'i 1939
Okuda, Martha A. Marriage and Social Change n.d.
Okuna, Edward K. Some Phases of Matrimonial Practices of the Japanese in Hawai'i 1939
Olivas, Consuelo Brawn for Hawai'i Industry 1946
Olivas, Consuelo "Cadena de Amor" [Club in Girls' Dormitory of Filipino United Church] 1945 [?]
Olstad, Eleanor Social Change Among Whites on a Plantation 1940
Ome, Moses A Section of Kapahulu n.d.
Oshima, Helen The King's Daughters' Home: An Expression of Human Love 1948


30.Includes photographs glued to pages of the paper.

31.Indicates on title page that maps included; maps are missing at date of inventory, Oct 2002.

32.Though Ms. Mansfield was a student writing for a sociology class at the University of Hawai'i, she was a professor of education at Illinois Normal College; the essay shows the writer's maturity.

33.Includes Honolulu Transportation Co. Map with location of homes of church members marked.

34.In addition to the sections in Table of Contents, essay includes two sections, "Causes of Conflict and Maladjustment" for European war brides and Japanese war brides.

35.Includes hand-drawn map covering two 8.5 x 11 inch pages.

36.Includes three hand-drawn maps.

37.Includes four hand-drawn maps.

38.Includes hand-drawn map and floor plans. Also contains a Pass from Kahuku Plantation Co. to permit holder access to plantation camps.

39.Part typescript and part hand-written.

40.Includes maps of all islands Hawaiian Home Lands entered by author.

41.Includes two maps, one showing areas of central Honolulu where Chinese, Japanese, Filipino, and Black populations centered.

42.Includes photographs glued to a page plus hand-drawn map.

43.Data within study based on test given at McKinley High School, January 1946.

44.This is one version of the paper, labeled "a." It contains one photograph and while the first page of text appears to have the same content as the other version, it is typed on a different typewriter, having larger, pica, type.

45.The other version of the paper, with the same title, is labeled "b." It contains several photographs of Gypsies living in Hawai'i. The type of this version is elite.

46.Paper by Avon Yap, only partially present, pertains not to Kapalu'u but to Kipapa. These portions pulled and placed in folder of paper by Avon Yap, "Kipapa Valley: A Rural Farm Community"

47.Includes hand-drawn map of neighborhood with demographics.

48.While no date exists on the title page or the reverse of final page, it does contain a photocopy (thermofax [?]) of campus map dated June 1934 while charts of student enrollment include academic year 1936.

49.Written for Psychology 283 class, May 1952.

50.Contains hand-drawn maps of area between South and Cooke Streets and Queen Street and Kapi'olani Blvd.

51.Date written in red pencil on title page.

52.Submitted as a partial requirement for the B.A, in Commerce; as a result, it is not written for a RASRL related class. 1927 Ka Palapala shows Harold Oda as a graduating senior in Commerce.

53.Contains nine photographs mounted on three pages with cellophane tape.

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