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Inventory, Box A-3

Name Title Date
Kaonohi, Irene Filipinos in Hawai'i 1930
Kaopua, Emelia Ana Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints Kalihi Ward -- A Unit of Social Welfare Control 1941
Kapela, Mercedes K. My Neighborhood (Waiäkea Houselots) 1948
Karmen, Alfred Pool in Honolulu 1940
Kato, Shingo The Japanese Homes and the Home Education in Hawai'i 1930
Kau, Ruth The Fort Street Chinese Church n.d.
Kaumeheiwa, Solomon Ancient Hawaiian Customs 1930
Kawamoto, Ellen Race Relations on the Campus 1949
Kawamoto, Ellen; and Wong, Shin Quon Housing n.d.
Kayano, Kenzo The Filipino on the Hawaiian Sugar Plantation 1930
Kazusa, Frank The Sociological Approach to the Study of Public Housing 1950
Kenney, L. (Mrs.) and Abshire, Eileen The Lei Makers of Hawai'i 1936
Kesagi, Yasunobu The Seventh-Day Adventist: The Japanese Mission 1941
Kesagi, Yasunobu Survey of a Plantation Community n.d.
Kikawa, Betty T.; Oyama, Shigeko; Yahiku, Fusako A Sociological Study of the Pauoa Valley Area 1945
Kim, Chong Sook Migrations in my Family n.d.
Kim, Sarah A Study of the Kaimukï Community 1939
Kim, Stanley Factors Contributing Towards High Amalgamation of Koreans in Hawai'i n.d.
Kimura, Fumiko The Japanese Theater Crowd in Hawai'i 1933
Kimura, Yukiko(19) Psychological Effect of Immigration on the Japanese People in Hawai'i 1940
Kimura, Yukiko Race Relation in Formosa 1940
Kimura, Yukiko Social and Economic Survey of Women Employees of Japanese Barber Shops in Honolulu 1939
Kimura, Yukiko Sociological Analysis of the Types of Social Readjustments of Alien Japanese in Hawai'i Since the War(20) 1947
Kimura, Yukiko A Study of Japanese Dressmakers in Honolulu 1939
Kimura, Yukiko A Study of Problems and Needs of the Second Generation 1940
Kimura, Yukiko A Study of Subjective Experience of the Picture Brides and the Consequent Role Played by Them 1940
Kimura, Yukiko A Study of the Problems & Attitudes of Second Generation Boys of Oriental Ancestry in Hawai'i 1941
Kimura, Yukiko A Study of the Trends of Out-Marriages of the Japanese People in Hawai'i During the Period of Ten Years from 1928 to 1938 1939
Kimura, Yukiko A Tentative Summary of a Study of Problems of Filipino Boys 1941
Kiriu, Yukiko Social Change in an Island Community ['Aiea] n.d. [post-WWII]
Kitaoka, Takashi A Community Study of Häna 1932 ?
Kiyosaki, Thomas My Background: Race and Cultural Contacts Prior to [and] During the War Years 1948
Kobayashi, Constance The Way Migrations have Played a Role in My Family 1943
Kobayashi, Kunio A Statistical Study of Juvenile Delinquency in the Hawaiian Islands 1949
Kodama, Douglas Growth and Expansion of Honolulu, 1940 - 1947(21) 1950
Koenig, Elizabeth H. Results Obtained in Hospital Administration by Adjusting a Personality to Two Cultural Patterns of Behavior 1950
Kohatsu, Jane Social Disorganization in Käheka Village and its Families n.d.
Kojima, Mitsue & Itakura, Betty Inter-Racial Marriages of Local People n.d.
Kong, Hester; Matsumoto, Hilda; Tyau, Mary A Study of the Central Area 1945
Kono, Aiko; Yukimura, Kimie The Makiki Castle Japanese Church n.d.
Kouchi, Grace; Ohata, Chiyoko Changing Folkways and Mores of Japanese with Reference to Old Age Retirement c 1939 [?]
Kring, Walter A Study of the Racial Composition of Central Union Church and Church School 1936
Kubo, Earl Japanese Youth and Juvenile Delinquency 1952
Kubo, Earl T. Ten Thousand Plus n.d.
Kubo, Judith Social Changes as Effected by the War 1944
Kubota, Masako Population Trends of the Schools of Hawai'i, 1872 to 1932 n.d.
Kunichika, Toshiko Japanese Children's Home 1930
Kunihiro, Momoe My Neighborhood (Kaka'ako) [map drawn on title page verso] 1948
Kuniyuki, Edwin M. History of the Nu'uanu Japanese Church 1929
Kuramoto, Rinkoro Community Study: A Survey of Pake Camp [Makiki] 1930
Kurihara, Thomas A Sociological Study of the Japanese Students' Association of Hawai'i 1929
Kushiyama, E Kahakuloa, A Hawaiian Village [includes map "Kahakuloa Valley, Wailuku, Maui" printed Jan. 1946] 1949
Kuwaye, Sumiko Conflict Between the Naichi and Okinawan Groups in Hawai'i. 1950
Kwan, Lui L. Miloli'i and Its People [Hawai'i Island] 1948
Kwon, Catherine M. A Plantation Community 1941
Laborado, Remedus et alia(22) Areas of Conflict and Disorganization In the Plantation Community 1948
Itamura, Ruth History of Plantation Community: Areas of Conflict Between Racial Groups, First and Second Generations.
Laborado, Remedus Individual Disorganization: Alcoholism, Suicide, Immorality, Violence
Hazama, Ethel Family Disorganization; Wartime Disorganization
Ito, Harry Plantation Trends: Background, Mechanization, "Ideal Worker," Strikes, Management vs. Union, Coming of the Union, Interviews
Laborado, Remedus Plantation Trends: Camp Consolidation, Interviews
Laborado, Remedus Summary
Lai, Henry Old World Traits Transplanted [Chinese Temples] n.d.
Lai, Kum Pui Study of a Community [Leilehua Chinese Community] 1935 [?]
Lam, Margret A Study of The Local Seventh-Day Adventist Church 1929
Larm, Edwin Feudin, a fussin -- Käne'ohe Style 1948
Lau, Kenneth et alia The Changing Family in Hawai'i : The Chinese Family 1938
Lau, Kenneth & Leong, Kam Man The Changing Patterns: Generations, Residence, Education, & Religion
Lum, Gladys The Changing Family in Hawai'i : Reproduction
Mau, Beatrice The Economic Aspects of the Changing Family in Hawai'i
Lee, Violet C. Attitude of Chinese Towards Marriage
Lau, Kenneth K.C. A Sociological Study of Pälama District Along King St. From Liliha St. to Pua Lane 1929
Lau, Marion H.G. The Hill in Transition 1949
Lau, Rosamond The Ecological study of the Hyde St. Community 1937
Laureta, Alfred Characteristics and Camp Life of the Filipino in Hawai'i n.d.
Lee, Abbie chair; other members not listed. Inter-Island Mobility 1933
Lee, Amy; Lum, Kam Chin Fashion n.d.
Lee, Annie Ethnic Composition and Residential Distribution of Students of St. Francis Convent 1950
Lee, Caroline Migrations of Early Chinese Christians to Hawai'i n.d.
Lee, Caroline The Waikïkï Community 1940
Lee, E. [ Evelyn ?] A Community Study of Hale'iwa, Waialua, O'ahu. With Some Comparisons to that of Madison, Wisconsin.(23) n.d.
Lee, Evelyn Hawaiian Political Rallies As A Form of Collective Behavior. n.d.
Lee, Evelyn(24) Some Occupations as Found in Urban Communities with Special Reference to Honolulu n.d.
Lee, Evelyn W.(25) Chinese Temples 1938 [?]
Lee, James F. L. Views and Opinions of Rural School Teaching Particularly in a Plantation Area n.d.
Lee, June & Chung, Hisoon Changing Attitudes of Koreans in Hawaii Toward Old Age Dependency  
Lee, June J. A Plantation Community 1940
Lee, Lila K. The Way Migrations Have Played a Role in My Family 1943
Lee, Lloyd L. Evaluation of the Role and Status of the Negro in Hawai'i 1947
Lee, Mae The French-Canadians contrasted with the Koreans in Hawai'i n.d.
Lee, Mahn Kuen The Sociological Study of the Community [Area near Dole Park, between 'Iolani and Lusitana Streets and Pele and Alapa'i Streets](26) 1937
Lee, Margaret O. Q. A Report on Two Chinese Temples in Hawai'i n.d.
Lee, Robert J. Honolulu Taxi 1947
Lee, Robert M.W. Vertical Mobility Among the Chinese in Hawai'i c 1948
Lee, William The Assimilation of the Chinese Members of the Class of 1928 of the University of Hawai'i, Chiefly of its Economic Aspect...(27) 1935
Leong, Ah Nee; Macy, Emma; & Medeiros, Helen A Study of the Seventh-Day Adventist Church on Ke'eaumoku Street, Honolulu, Oahu 1941
Leong, A. Q. Chinese Death Customs 1936
Leong, Dorothy Cultural Approach: A Middle Class Cosmopolitan Community [subtitle in pencil in different hand] n.d.
Leong, K.M. Pälama Slums(28) n.d.
Leslie, Elizabeth Social Institutions: The Salvation Army 1941
Leu, Aldrich Our Police Department 1949
Leu, Chong Fook; Kiyosaki, Rose; & Botelho, Donald Observation of Conditions at Kaläkaua Homes for the Year 1949 1950
Lim, Sung Hi Ecological Study of the Community of Spreckelsville (Camp One), Maui. 1937
Lim, Tai Hi The Personal and Cultural Approach to the Study of a Community 1937
Loo, Theodore The Street on Which I Live [Young St. between McCully and Artesian] 1937
Loo, Winifred The Effects of the War on Farmers in Hawai'i n.d.
Lord, Virginia; & Lee, Alice W. The Taxi-Dance Hall in Honolulu(29) 1935


19.Yukiko Kimura presents a problem in the definition of "student." According to the University of Hawai'i "Commencement Exercises" for 1947, at which time she was awarded an MA in sociology, she attended Oberlin College, receiving an MA in 1937. The archival staff at Oberlin College said via email that their records indicate that Yukiko Kimura attended the Graduate School of Theology at Oberlin from Sept. 1935 to May 1937 at which time she received a Master of Arts degree. Some papers are marked as class papers; others appear to be far too professional for class papers. Nevertheless, all have University of Hawai'i on the title page. As a result, I have decided to retain all within Student Papers.

20.This is part of Master's Thesis, completed in same year.

21.Penciled on the title page are words "as indicated by data on births and deaths" and " w/map." Map is missing (Oct 2002).

22.Includes various photographs illustrating aspects of the changes affecting plantation communities.

23.Includes two hand-drawn maps of Haleiwa, dated 1930 and 1940.

24.The essay "A Community Study of Haleiwa..." by E. Lee and the essay "Some Occupations as Found in Urban Communities...," by Evelyn Lee are holographic manuscripts in the same hand. The intervening essay, "Hawaiian Political Rallies..." is a typescript.

25.The author of this essay, Evelyn W. Lee, has a different hand than the Evelyn Lee above.

26.Includes hand-drawn maps on onion skin sheets glued together to make large maps.

27.Includes Honolulu Rapid Transit Co. Map with residences of class members indicated.

28.Includes several hand-drawn maps of small housing tract.

29.Published in Social Process in Hawai'i, vol. 2 (1936).

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