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Inventory, Box A-2

Name Title Date
Godfrey, Ethel A Comparative Exploratory Study of Female Japanese and Hawaiian Juvenile Delinquents 1951
Gonsalves, Violet and Jose, Dorothy A Sociological Study of the Laupähoehoe Sugar Company Plantation n.d.
Goo, Madeline My Neighborhood -- Good and Bad, Past and Present [Kaka'ako (between King and Ala Moana and Punchbowl and South Streets)] n.d.
Gum, Moy Fook Place of the Negro in Honolulu 1952
Gum, Moy Fook Negroes and the Hawaiian Melting Pot (Divisional Master's Paper) 1953
Hamada, Mitsie Mitsugi The Personal and Cultural Approach to the Study of a Community n.d.
Hamada, Shigeno Kaka'ako (with map) n.d.
Hamaishi, Edward Fishermen as an Occupation Group n.d.
Hamasaki, Margaret A Private Shrine n.d.
Han, John D. Recreation of the Filipino Laborers in Hawai'i n.d.
Hannus, Minto Interracial Relationships in Hawai'i 1949 [?]
Harada, Tokie; Hannus, Minto; Funai, Ruth; Yoshioka, Amy; Katamoto, Jane; Shirakawa, Sumie. A Study of a Disorganized Community: The Hall Street Area. 1948
Hara, Clarence Alcoholism in Hawai'i 1948 [?]
Hart, Elizabeth Unemployment in Hawai'i [c1940]
Hasebe, Elsie A Report on My Neighborhood 1948
Hasebe, Evelyn A Growing Institution: [Kalihi Union Church] 1948
Hasebe, Evelyn; and Kamisato, Masato The Spirit of Honorable Hara-Kiri 1949
Hashimoto, Pearl Veterans' Village 1948
Hashimoto, Ralph Human Relations on the Plantations n.d.
Hata, Yukiko Problems of the Early Japanese Immigrants to Hawai'i n.d.
Hayashi, S. Conflict Between First and Second Generation Japanese in Hawai'i n.d.
Hayashi, Yuriko Migrations in May Family 1943
Hayashi, Yuriko; Hokaido, Setsuko; & Kuwahara, Katherine Attitudes Toward Illegitimacy in Hawai'i Especially of the Japanese Group 1946
Hayashida, A. History and Movement of the Japanese in Kalihi [The paper consists of two sections, "Historical Approach" and "Ecological Approach." The former is typed; the latter hand written. n.d.
Helekunihi, V. Ho'olehua [Original essay left off the final "a"] -- Pälä'au Homestead 1933 [?]
Herron, James L. and Kato, Terumi Mänoa War Homes(4) 1950
Hevesi, Francis The Jewish Congregation n.d.
Hevesi, Francis Kahuna; Kohen and Priest: Comparative Studies in Priesthood and in Missionary Achievements.(5) n.d.
Hew, A.K. The Maui Agricultural Company: A Plantation Study(6) 1932
Higa, Clara Drink and Disorganization 1943
Higa, Jean My Hometown and Okinawan -- Naichi Relationships 1948
Higashi, Mary S. Some Common Notions About the Differences Between People of Different Ancestries: In School Performance, Work Behavior, Social Life, etc. 1948
Higashi, Mary, chair Suicide Committee Report 1948
Nakamae, Laura
Kuniyuki, Kiyoko
Yokoyama, Kyoko
Isobe, Sadako
Masatsuga, Helen
Higashihara, Amy The Issei in Hawai'i and the "Seicho-No-Ie" Movement 1946
Higashino, Robert; Yadao, Elias Filipino Federation of America c 1948 [?]
Higuchi, Asa, chair Juvenile Delinquency in Honolulu 1948
Fujimoto, Yaeko
Park, Virginia
Sato, Edward
Serai, Harriet
Suehiro, Richard
Tateishi, Sue
Yamashita, Hisako
Yap, Avon
Hiltner, Stella Mary A Report and Analysis of Language Spoken in the Homes by Parents and 7th Grade Students from Four Intermediate Schools in Honolulu 1949
Hina, Donald S. Generation Problems Among Japanese Families in Kaimukï: Study of the Relationship Between the Second Generation High School Students of Japanese Ancestry and their Alien Japanese Parents.(7) 1949
Hintz, Waldemar G. "Navy" Attitudes Toward Hawai'i: A Preliminary Investigation 1951
Hintz, Waldemar Some "Navy" Attitudes toward Religion and Church: A Preliminary Investigation 1952
Hirai, Ritsuyo A Sociological study of the Makee Sugar Plantation 1937
Hiranaka, Betty and Kataoka, Jane The Territorial Public Welfare with Special Reference to Ecological Distribution of Recipients of DPW Aid for November 1949.(8) 1950 [?]
Hirose, Dennis Interracial Relations 1949
Hirose, Mikako Jodo Mission n.d.
Hirose, Mikako Race Relations in Wailuku n.d.
Hiu, Hon Sam Chinatown n.d.
Hiu, Hon Sam The Adjustment of a Chinese Immigrant to a Community 1931
Ho, Ethel Jean and Kaulukukui, Solomon Ecological Study of residences of University [of Hawai'i] Freshmen First Semester, 1949-50.(9) 1950
Hoe, Clarence Project on Mänoa War Housing, 1949 1949
Hoge, Cornelia The Effect of Migrations upon the Jews and the Changing Ghetto n.d.
Honbo, Masuru The Makiki Japanese Language School Organization n.d.
Honbo, Masuru and Spillner, Ernest Makaweli Plantation, Kaua'i.(10) 1930
Hong, Edith and Kawano, Helen A Sociological Study of Housemaids 1936
Hong, Samuel K. S. The Pre-Teenage and Juvenile Delinquency 1949
Hongo, H. Glimpses through the Eyes of an Immigrant n.d.
Horne, Margaret W. et al Missionary Families:(11) 1934
Horne, Margaret W. Digest of the Judd Geneology
Gouveia, Henry R Family Tree of the Missionary Bond Family in Hawai'i
Hasegawa, Hisashi An Introduction to the Study of the Missionary Families in Hawai'i;
Hoag, Nell H. The Missionary Family [Dwight Baldwin].
Horswill, Sarah Clothing in Hawai'i [note on paper: Social Change in Clothing] n.d.
Hupp, Lucie The Relation of the Navy Wife to the Community 1946
Hussey, Beatrice Study of Rural Community: Waikapü, Maui n.d.
Hutchinson, Mercedes Viewing Our Campus through the Eyes of a Hybrid Student 1949
Iaea, John Moloka'i Community: Kaunakakai n.d.
Ide, Irene Hometown: A Community in Honolulu 1949
Ide, Kazuyoshi & Ihara, Les Hilo: A Community Study(12) 1950
Ide, Kazuyoshi and Ihara, Les Shin Buddhism in Honolulu(13) 1950
Ide, Kiyoshi Kona: An Ecological Study(14) 1950
Ide, Kiyoshi Race Relations in Kona During the War Years 1949
Ide, Kiyoshi Racial Situations in Kona: Past and Present 1949
Ide, Kiyoshi and Yoshida, Yoshio Social Research on the Bars in Honolulu 1949
Igawa, Alice and Chang, Veronica Statistical Study of Juvenile Delinquency 1950
Ige, Doris Reasons for Slum Inhabitance 1950
Ige, Thomas H. Small Town Stuff: Mineville and Pineville n.d.
Ijima, Charles Trends in our Plantation Economy 1950
Ikeda, Kiyoshi(15) Drinking and Social Disorganization n.d.
Ikeda, Kiyoshi An Ecological Study of a Plantation 1950
Ikeda, Kiyoshi A Field Trip to Kahalu'u 1948
Ikeda, Kiyoshi Urbanization of a Plantation Community 1949
Ikeda, Nora Japanese Diet During Pregnancy 1941
Ikenaga, Helen Mother and Her Changing Attitudes 1948
Ikezawa, Andrew The Effect of Migration in My Family 1943
Ikezawa, Andrew Social Change in Hawai'i Since the Coming of War 1944
Imada, Stanley S. Migration of the Independent Kona Coffee Farmers' Children 1949
Imai, K.(16) History of Hawai'i's Maritime Trade n.d.
Imamura, Teruko Japanese Language Schools in Hawai'i 1930
Imoto, Alice My Neighbors: [Kapahulu] 1948
Ing, M. The Study of a Community -- Kapahulu 1933
Ing, Ruth R. S. Race Relations Between the Second Generation Japanese Girls and the Young First Generation Filipino Men in a Small Plantation Camp on Maui n.d.
Ing, Walter An Exploratory Study in Assessing the Roles of Parents in the Marriages of Chinese Couples of the Second and Third Generations. 1949
Ing, Walter An Exploratory Study of Cultural Factors and Their Role with the Male Filipino Delinquent Juvenile 1951
Ishibashi, Florence The Japanese Language School 1948
Ishii, Dean Y. Community of Lïhu'e n.d.
Ishimoto, Mieko The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints 1941
Ishimoto, Winifred Juvenile Delinquency Causes 1949
Ishizaki, Misayo and Ikeda, Yoshiko Japanese Language Schools of Hawai'i 1929
Isobe, Chiyoko Communities [Southwestern Kaua'i in comparison with others in published studies]. n.d.
Isobe, Chiyoko The Inter-Island Strike [1940](17)
Itao, Leatrice An Immigrant Japanese 1948
Iwamoto, Yoshio A Sociological Study of Ishimaru n.d.
Jahries, Elizabeth & Miller, Ellen L. Birth Control in Hawai'i n.d.
Jamieson, Helen T., Horswill, Sarah H., & Johnson, Florence Thr Problem of Mental Deficiency in Hawai'i 1939
Jeffrey, Barbara Jean Recent Trends in the Medical Profession n.d.
Jensen, Everett J. Moanalua Navy Housing Area, Pearl Harbor, Hawai'i: A Preliminary Investigation 1949
Jensen, Everett J. A Sociological Investigation of Christian Sects in Honolulu 1950
Jessen, Louise Report of Field Trip to Kahalu'u 1948
Jessen, Louise S. Employment Opportunities of Negroes n.d.
Jessen, Louise S. Waimea, Hawai'i: First in Cattle, First in Vegetables n.d.
Judd, Sophie Study of a Community: [Waimea, Hawai'i] n.d.
Kagawa, Nora Sociological Study of the Japanese Community, Waimea, Kaua'i 1940
Kamei, Edward S. The Community of Waimea on the Island of Kauai n.d.
Kam, Bessie; Okamoto, Takeko; Chang, Wai Tim; Nabeta, Nora Adjustment of War Brides in Hawai'i 1950
Kanada, Harry My Community 1948
Kanenaka, Edwin Labor Organizations & Social Disorganization 1949
Kaneshiro, Kiyoshi Hawaiian Students in the University of Michigan -- A Study of Adjustment & Integration in the Light of the Marginal Man Theory(18) 1941
Kaneo, Kazuma The Attitude of the Second Generation Japanese Towards Japanese Culture 1930


4.Contains photograph of Mänoa Homes and Mänoa Valley. Wrapped in acid-free paper and stored in front of folder.

5.Though the title does not indicate it, the subject matter is a four-part study of interrelationships between ancient Hawaiian religion, Mormonism and, to a limited extent, Judaism.

6.Includes a hand-drawn map of Maui.

7.Includes hand drawn map of Kaimukï showing residences of eighteen YMCA members.

8.Includes large map of City of Honolulu by David A. Awana with entries for DPW aid recipients, Nov. 1949

9.Pencilled comments on title page indicate "of Hawai'i" and "w/map." Map is missing.

10.Contains photographs.

11.In file "The Missionary Families."

12.Contains photographs, some as postcards, but still photo prints.

13.Contains drawing of the facilities at Honpa Hongwanji Temple in Honolulu, including the development of schools and recreation facilities for YBA across street from the front of the temple.

14.Includes hand drawn map and statistical chart from Social Process in Hawai'i, v. 13, 1949.

15.Kiyoshi Ikeda received his BA in 1950, his MA in 1955 from the University of Hawai'i and his PhD in 1959 from Northwestern University. He served on the faculty of UH for many years.

16.This paper remains within the collection in spite of its appearing not to be a student paper, because we have been unable to find evidence that Imai was not a student.

17.Date gathered from content: page 2, last paragraph: "... I will try to present a specific strike which occurred about two and a half years ago in Honolulu...." The beginning paragraph of the next page dates the labor action as beginning in March 1938. Thus the papers is from fall semester 1940 or spring semester 1941.

18.This paper is Kaneshiro's Master's Thesis at the University of Michigan.

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