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Inventory, Box A-1

Name Title Date
Abe, Lillian Study of a Community in Honolulu 1929
Abe, Shogo The Relation of Family Equipment to Culture Conflict 1936
Agena, Tsuruko Life on a Typical Japanese Plantation Camp in Öla'a 1930
Agena, Tsuruko Race Relations in Haiti n.d.
Aguiat, Earl Report on the St. Antonio Society c 1930
Alona, Lee, Yee, Leong, Nakamura Committee on Racketeering 1939
Aitken, Robert B. Age and Race in Wahiawä Churches 1952
Akau, John K. Jr. Human Relations as Demonstrated at a Student Boarding House n.d.
Albao, M; Lee, J.; Chung, H. The Study of Alcoholism 1939
Albao, Mary Filipino Immigration to Hawai'i n.d.
Anderson, Henry The Dynamics of Ethnic-Group Attendance at the University of Hawai'i 1950
Angco, Ethel Life History of an Immigrant 1936
Anonymous The Alcoholic in a Plantation Setting n.d.
Anonymous College Working Girls' Place in Society n.d.
Anonymous The Development of Kapa'a n.d.
Anonymous Family and Personal Disorganization 1945
Anonymous Harris Memorial Japanese M. E. Church 1928
Anonymous The Japanese in the District of Kaka'ako n.d.
Anonymous Life of an Adopted Chinese Girl n.d.
Anonymous My Role in the Family (Haole) 1931
Anonymous My Role in the Family (Portuguese) 1934
Anonymous Project on the Community of Waimea 1930
Anonymous Slum Life in Honolulu c 1930
Anonymous Studies on Family(1) 1939
Anonymous A Study of the Girls Dormitories in Honolulu with the Mid-Pacific Dormitory as Special Case n.d.
Anonymous Urban Filipino Survey 1936
Anonymous Wai'anae Plantation 1932
Aotaki, Ethel Changing Life in a Plantation Village 1948
Aping, Clarissa Kailua (O'ahu) Business District 1950
Argenbright, Zella O'ahu Prison and the Adjustment of the Prisoners 1948
Ariyoshi, Betty Seicho-no-Ie 1950
Asada, Stanley S. n.t. [Account of his father's life.] n.d.
Asato, Mildred A Kinship System I am Acquainted With 1945
Aspuria, Charlotte Filipino: Kinship Ties, Customs, Religion, and Superstitions 1931
Aspuria, Monica The Filipino Community Church 1941
Au, Betty A Personal Account of Race Relations n.d.
Au, Chew Hin Social Change and the Chinese Drama n.d.
Au, Man Kwong; Smith, Nat Logan The Development of the Hotel in Honolulu from the Standpoint of Social Change 1940
Avecilla, Angeles M. Settlement Houses n.d.
Awai, Ruth Pälama Settlement 1948
Bartels, Helene The Study of the Honoka'a Sugar Co. Plantation 1928
Bartlett, Beulah D. & Monroe, Blythe F. Hawai'i's Changing Position in the Pacific in Terms of Shipping Costs 1934
Beppu, T. The Stowaway 1940
Berrigan, Darrell Japan's Occupation Babies 1948
Betts, Alexa Kahuku Sugar Plantation Community 1932
Bevens, Don et alia Report of the Housing Committee 1946
Bevens, Don University Housing
Chesshir, Haskell Pre- and Post-War Mainland Housing
Ohta, Edith Kamehameha Housing Project
Ajimine, Jane Kamehameha Homes
Han, Naomi Emergency Housing Project: Manoa and Pälolo Housing
Choi, Evelyn Kemo'o [Pre-War] Housing
Barientos, Alyce Hawai'i Housing Authority: Legal Aspects of the Housing Acts
Bishop, Joe Why Men Enlist in the Service 1930
Bown, Barbara Juvenile Delinquency in Honolulu During the War n.d.
Burroughs, Joan & Dunn, Margaret The Bahai Faith 1941
Burroughs, Joan Racial Relations on a Plantation 1940
Burgess, Kaliko The Ecological Study of the Community n.d.
Campbell, Caroline S. Peto(2) A Study of Disturbances Between Civilians and Servicemen in Honolulu During July, August, September, and October 1945. [two versions] 1946
Carson, Margaret Racial Intelligence 1948
Cayaban, Jesus O. Marriage Practices of Filipinos in Hawai'i with Special Reference to Intermarriage n.d.
Cayaban, Jesus O. A Report on Field Work in Sociology 1929
Chambers, Ruth (Mrs.) Study of Kailua Churches 1952
Chang, Eloise Chinese Marriage Customs and Marriage Superstitions n.d.
Char, Charles, Mrs. Folkways and Mores Found Within the Family of the Chinese n.d.
Ching, Annabelle Heathen Chinese Funeral Ideas n.d.
Ching, Jennie Changes in a Chinese Immigrant Family n.d.
Ching, Quan Lun Role of the Church of the Crossroad in Urban Life 1928
Chong, Beatrice & Ching, Vivian The Effect of War on the Institutions and Organizations in the Chinese Community n.d.
Choo, Andrew & Dang, Johnny Prostitution in Honolulu 1949
Choy, Madeline My Community Genealogy 1941
Chu, Winifred Migrations in my Family 1943
Chun, Kan Chee et alia. A Study of the Chinese Language School Teachers in Honolulu 1936
Chun, Kan Chee
Lau, Kenneth
Lee, Koon Wah
Leong, Edna
Tam, Pina
Wong, Charlotte
Chung, Hisoon An Original Study of a Plantation Community 1940
Coller, Richard Certain Aspects of the Social Organization of the Sacred Hearts Church at Punahou 1949
Coller, Richard W. Personal Observations of Campus Race Relations 1949
Conant, Sue Ann Wailua Luau n.d.
Congdon, Shirley M. (Mrs.) An Analysis of the Racial and Religious Composition of Membership of the Y-Teen Clubs in the city of Honolulu n.d.
Corey, James A Study of Specialization and Non-Specialization with Emphasis on United States Army Career Management Program. 1950
Corey, James Utilization of Negro Manpower in the Army 1950
Corey, Jim Social Disorganization and the Returned Veteran n.d.
Coulson, Genevieve A Sociological Study of the Manoa Valley Community 1937
Cowan, Jean and Strohlin, Roy The Plantation Community 1940
Daikokuya, Haruko Cheating in our University n.d.
Dang, Vernon et alia Narcotics in Hawai'i 1939
Dang, Vernon
Hayashi, Yuji
Hong, John
Kisada, Yoshie
Dang, Vernon C. Recreation in Honolulu n.d.
Day, Olive The Sailor in Honolulu 1928
Dean, Sylvia A Survey of Manoa Valley 1928
Decker, C. C. Culture Conflict as Observed in a Japanese Christian Congregation in Honolulu 1952
Deinert, Hilda Hawaiian Marriage Customs n.d.
Dixon, Henrietta Rehabilitation in Hawai'i n.d.
Doe, Robert E. The Service man in Hawai'i: His Problem of Social Adjustment; The Community Problem which His Presence Creates. 1937
Duker, Mary Emma Race Prejudice 1948
Ebisu, T. Makiki Church n.d.
F____,(3) John [sic] Jose I Come from Azores 1934
Fern, Natalie Which Races Make the Most Desirable Neighbors? n.d. but prob. 1951; see below.
Fern, Stewart E.; and Fern, Natalie M. Hawaiian Revival 1951
Fried, Jack Some Aspects of the Personality of Hawaiians of Japanese Ancestry 1949
Fujie, Yayoko The Story of a Japanese Immigrant 1946
Fujii, Tamae A Plantation Community 1948
Fujikawa, Asako Neighborhood Study - Neighborhood of Custer Avenue 1930
Fujimoto, Hisame An Interview with Father 1948
Fujioka, Margaret From Zone III to Zone II 1948
Fujita, Fumiko The Shin Sect of Buddhism in Honolulu 1941
Fujita, Marjorie. A Study of Religious Institutions in Honolulu: The Soto Shu n.d.
Fujitani, Fumie Ähualoa, Hawai'i 1948
Fukada, Bernice Migration and World War II (The Rural Phase: Kohala) n.d.
Fukuda, Isaac Write Up on a Certain Area of the Kaka'ako District n.d.
Funai, Ruth Japanese Business District in Downtown Honolulu: Residential and Recreational Aspects n.d.
Furukawa, Chiyo; Law, Yan Kwai; Shon, Patsy A Study of the Kapahulu Area 1945
Garcia, Jose Filipino Laborers in Hawai'i 1930
Giltner, John Social and Ecological Organization of the Central Union Church [NOT FOUND] n.d.


1.Stanford, 1939. File contains six anonymous essays, apparently written by students at Stanford University in 1939. Titles are 1) "Family at the Cross-Roads"; 2) ["A Sociological Study of the Family" (page 2)]; 3) [untitled; lacking part I, pp. 1-4, but on writer's immediate family in Palo Alto]; 4) "An Analysis of My Family"; 5) "Family History and Analysis"; 6) "The Family".

2.Two versions of the paper exist; the longer draft,, filed behind the shorter version, appears to be the earlier version. Paper itself reads "Carolyn S. Peto." It seems evident that the filing label was created later, after Ms. Peto married and not at the time of the writing of the paper.

3.No name appears on title area of the essay, but early in it the writer says his name is "John Jose F_____."

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