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Romanzo Adams Social Research Laboratory
Confidential Research Files, 1942-1959
Manuscript A1989:006

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The records of the Romanzo Adams Social Research Laboratory (RASRL) cover the years 1919 through 1966. The Confidential Research Files of RASRL constitute one of several series of records created by RASRL over the years. The Confidential Research Files came to the University Archives within an accession received in 1989 from Mrs. Andrew Lind. Except for the short War Brides' Interview Project, A1989:008, the other series in this accession remain unprocessed and unavailable for research (as of May 1997).

The Confidential Research Files cover the years 1932 to 1959 with the bulk of the records falling in the range 1940-1950. The Confidential Research Files appears to have paralleled another series of RASRL files, the Research Files. The distinction appears to be that field workers preserved the anonymity of sources contributing to the Confidential Research Files. In their work with Confidential Research Files, archival staff have not discovered any content that would warrant the files being closed or restricted; simultaneously, they have noted an absence of personal identification. Although Confidential Research Files omits names of persons in its files, researchers are expected to respect the privacy of anyone inadvertently named in the contents of these files and the privacy of their families and heirs.

Related records include the RASRL Clippings Files (Manuscript A1979:042b); the Bernard Hörmann Collection and other papers from the University of Hawaii Sociology Department. The Clippings Files finding aid (which contains sixty-two leaves) is available in the Archives reading room in Hamilton Library. If desired, copies of this finding aid can be made available through the External Services department of the Library.

During the Fall of 1991, interns from the Graduate School of Library and Information Studies at UH, Judy Kearney, Laura Gerwitz, and Kathy Furukawa, surveyed the accessions received from Mrs. Lind and processed the Confidential Research Files. Their work includes the inventory linked here. They also prepared a folder list of the short War Brides Interview Project. Researchers must obtain all copyright permissions. Photocopying of records is permitted for individual scholarly or personal research, although the archival staff may refuse permission to photocopy items based upon their physical size or condition.

The suggested citation to these records is "[Item Title]," [folder label], Confidential Research Files, Romanzo Adams Social Research Laboratory Records, University Archives, University of Hawai'i at Manoa, Honolulu, Hawai'i.
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Scope Notes

While the records of the RASRL cover the years 1919-1966, the major component of the Confidential Research Files cover the period 1941-1959. The records within this series are maintained in the order developed by RASRL, alphabetically by subject. The items within each file were numbered beginning with the number 10. Though the items are described and foldered numerically in ascending order, they were frequently stored in descending order. To overcome the confusion resulting in this dual arrangement order, archival staff have reordered the physical arrangement to put the items in ascending numerical order; where needed, the order within the inventory has also been revised.

Prior to accession by the Archives, occasional items were removed from the original file to another subject file for research purposes of the RASRL. Documentation of each transfer was provided by the researcher and left intact by the Archives.

Generally the contents of the Confidential Research Files are arranged in alphabetical order and thus the numerical order of the boxes tends to coincide with alphabetical order. The exceptions occur because some items in the collection were either on legal size paper or in larger format. These items were pulled from the original files in order to be stored following better preservation practices. Thus boxes 4, 9, 14, and 15, which are legal size, and f1 and f2 which are oversize boxes, contain repeated file labels. Finally, a few artifacts and photographic materials were removed and stored in the Vault (box V1). File titles for the Confidential Research Files are transcribed to the acid-free folders as they appeared on the original files of RASRL. Titles or information provided by the archival staff are enclosed in square brackets []. This collection is particularly rich in materials that reflect the rapid social and societal changes of the 1940's and post-War period. "Hawaii represents a microcosm of the world, which made it a useful laboratory and social observatory" (Hörmann, 1955).

The CRF includes term papers, excerpts from journals and diaries, interviews, and summaries of discussions with individuals, as well as newspaper clippings and documentation on political, industrial, and community groups. The section on "The Sugar Strike" and labor issues following the War includes materials addressing the perspectives of the ILWU (International Longshoremen's and Warehousemen's Union), the local citizenry, and the sugar industry. Other organized bodies with documentation in the Confidential Research Files include American Friends Service Committee, the War Relocation Board, Post-War Employment Planning Commission, and American Veterans Committee.

Informal groups also find representation. The section on AJAs (Americans of Japanese Ancestry) includes letters and transcripted conversations of members of the U.S. Army 442nd Battalion and other AJAs about their experiences during the War. The section on Diaries includes accounts written by a wide variety of residents of Hawaii on the effects of war on their lives and on the relations among various ethnic groups here. A section in the papers documents the Hissho Kai, Japanese aliens living in the United States who were not convinced that Japan had lost World War II. Included in these papers are two sheets of Japanese characters written by an advisor to Hissho Kai (not yet translated). One of the items is painted on paper made in the U.S.; the other item is painted on an unidentified type of paper, without watermarks.

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