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Fifty Years as a Center of Our Lives: College/University of Hawaii, 1907-1957

On 6 November 2002, the University of Hawaii at Manoa rededicated Hamilton Library following the construction on phase III and the renovation of phases I and II. As part of the celebration, the University Archives mounted an exhibit documenting the early years of the Manoa campus and focusing upon the role the University played in the lives of students, faculty and staff.

As part of the Archives contribution to and celebration of the upcoming Centennial of the University, much of the materials in this exhibit has been mounted on the web. We welcome all potential patrons to come to the Archives to pursue research topics. For further information, please contact the Archivist at or telephone (808) 956-6995 or (808) 956-8264 between the hours of 9:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m., Hawaii Standard Time.

Early College of Hawaii football team practices outside the Maerten House --Home of the College of Hawaii, 1908 - 1912 (University Archives Photograph)

Football practice, 1908-1912

Hawaii Hall Cornerstone Laying, 22 January 1912 (University Archives Photograph GPB-006)

Hawaii Hall Cornerstone Laying, 1912

Hawaii Hall Cornerstone Laying, 22 January 1912 (University Archives, Photograph GPB-004)

Hawaii Hall Cornerstone Laying, 1912

Hawaii Hall shortly after construction, Front (Ewa side) View. This, as well as several other early images, is a glass plate photograph. This glass plate negative has been broken; the print was made after the plate was broken as shown by the lines above the building and along the right hand side. (University Archives Photograph GPA-005)

Hawaii Hall

Hawaii Hall, rear view (Koko Head), shortly after completion (University Archives Photograph GPA-002)

Hawaii Hall

Commencement Ceremony, Hawaii Hall, 1919. Sanford Dole handing diplomas to graduates (University Archives Photograph GPB-uncat)

Commencement, 1919

1919 Hawaii Football Champions. College of Hawaii Football Team on Koko Head side (rear) of Hawaii Hall (University Archives Photograph OURD Football 1a & 1b)

1919 Football Team

Flag Rush, traditional competition between sophomore and freshman classes. Sophomores began the competition with a man and their class flag at the top of a pole. Freshmen tried to get past sophomores guarding access to the pole, to climb the pole and take the sophomore flag down, and to place the freshman flag on the top of the pole. Then the freshmen tried to defend their banner from sophomores trying to restore the sophomore flag. Earliest recorded Flag Rush occurred 1 October 1919. (University Archives Photograph GPB-011)

Flag Rush

Faculty, most of them at least, on the rear lanai of Hawaii Hall, no earlier than 1920 since Dr. Romanzo Adams, standing third from right, came to UH that year. Are these two images the same photograph? No; Dr. Arthur Andrews, center front, looked the other way. (University Archives Photographs GPB-008 and GPB-009)


Aerial Views of Campus, 1910s - 1950s

Aerial view of campus, late 1910s, showing Hawaii Hall and first building of Engineering Quad, the two oldest buildings still standing on campus. Beau Press currently occupies this part of the Engineering Quad. (University Archives Photograph OURD 220)

Aerial view of campus, 1910s

Aerial photograph, 4 April 1926, shows George Hall (the Library) and Gartley Hall, the two newest buildings. Note that University Avenue extends from Vancouver Highway in Manoa Valley makai to Metcalf Street. (University Archives Photograph OURD 99B)

Aerial view of campus, 1926

Aerial photograph, 4 April 1932, shows several changes in the six intervening years: University Avenue extends all the way makai to Moiliili; Wist Hall, Atherton House, Farrington Auditorium, and the Gymnasium have been built. (University Archive Photograph OURD 231A)

Aerial view of campus, 1932

Aerial photograph, 6 January 1937, shows Andrews Amphitheatre, old Gilmore Hall, an expanded Pineapple Research Institute (now Krauss Hall), and Campus Gate. Dole Street runs from McCully area (beyond the left margin of photograph) to University Avenue. Note also the distance between the quarry edge and Andrews Amphitheatre. (University Archives Photograph OURD 227A)

Aerial view of campus, 1937

Aerial photograph, 6 April 1939. Two years brought numerous changes. How many can you spot? (University Archives Photograph OURD 223B)

Aerial view of campus, 1939

Aerial photograph above Waahila Ridge, approximate date 1944. Note shadow of airplane in the lower right hand corner and edge of wing along the right margin (University Archives Photograph OURD 232B)

Aerial view of campus, 1944

Aerial photograph 1948/49. Addition to Hemenway Hall is nearly finished; construction of Bachman Hall has just begun. (University Archives Photograph OURD 242A)

Aerial view of campus, 1948/49

Aerial photograph, c 1955, showing development in quarry still limited: baseball diamond and tennis courts. Gymnasium just beyond Sinclair Library sill in use. (University Archives Photograph OURD 248)

Aerial view of campus, 1955

UH as a Center in the Lives of AJAs, 1941-1945

Sam Mukaida leads fellow students at UH in song during special rally on steps of Hawaii Hall saying Aloha to Varsity Victory Volunteers, 25 February 1942. (Hawaii War Records Depository [HWRD] Photo #765)

Mukaida leading singing

Coed gives Varsity Victory Volunteers leis at rally at Hawaii Hall, 25 February 1942. (HWRD Photo #761)

Coed giving VVV men leis

VVV men walking to Army trucks following farewell at Hawaii Hall, 25 February 1942 (HWRD Photo #760)

VVV men after farewell

VVV men in Army trucks at Varney Circle waiting for departure for Schofield Barracks, 25 February 1942 (printed in Star Bulletin; HWRD Photo #758

VVV men in trucks

Col. T.H. Green...inspects Varsity Victory Volunteers, 25 February 1942 (printed in Star Bulletin 27 Feb. 1942; HWRD Photo #757)

Col. Green

The exhibit included the Ka Palapala, 1942 and 1943 showing pages in the yearbook on the VVV.

John Tsukano created a scrapbook of his experiences as a member of the 442nd during training in Camp Shelby, Mississippi. The first image is a portrait of John. Other images are scattered through the pages primarily containing newsclippings of current events at the time.

John Tsukano

Girl standing on beach

Portraits of two soliders

Girl next to car and group of soliders

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