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Board of Regents Minutes, 1908-2007

Manuscript A2008:014

History of the Board of Regents

The Act 24 of the Territorial Legislature of 1907 not only created the College of Agriculture and Mechanical Arts, but a governing board, the Board of Regents, to be appointed by the governor of the territory. The board began meeting in the spring of 1907 to arrange for a temporary location for the college and to begin searching for a suitable location for the permanent campus. The board also hired Willis T. Pope, vice principal of the Territorial Normal School, as acting dean. (Pope declined to accept the title of acting president.) The Board soon established a monthly meeting schedule with one or two exceptions each year.

The Board of Regents has also functioned in related capacities for the State of Hawaii. From 1973 to 1997, the BOR functioned as the State Board for Vocational Education, and from 1975 to 1995, it also functioned as the Hawaii State Post-Secondary Education Commission.

Scope of Collection

The minutes of the Board of Regents were bound in various bindings. The volumes in which the minutes were stored did not correspond to calendar years. The first three volumes were initially marked with Roman numerals; beginning with the fourth volume, each volume was assigned a letter with this fourth volume being labeled "D." This system lasted through volume "O" which ended with the minutes of March 1962. Later volumes have been identified only by the date range of the minutes within. The bindings for volumes A through O were in sufficiently weak condition to warrant archival staff storing them in flat boxes, one volume per box. Bindings which were causing damage to the papers within have been removed with the pages gathered into acid-free folders in the boxes. The later volumes (labeled only by date beginning in 1962) are stored in binders called "Minute Book 396-11." These have been maintained in the original bindings in which they came to the Archives and will be stored this way as long as the metal fastenings work well. If the time comes when the papers must be removed from the bindings, archival staff will store the records in acid-free boxes and folders.

The current collection includes the minutes of the Board of Regents from 1908 to 2007 with two minor exceptions. Two volumes of minutes, February through September 1999, and May through July 2007 were missing from the accession from the Board of Regents Office. In addition to these gaps, the agenda for the meetings were also missing nor does the collection include any of the supplementary materials, reports, appendices, sent to the members of the Board of Regents before each meeting. The collection has some materials beyond BOR minutes. One volume of Rules and Regulations of the Board of Regents, dating from 1963 through 1979, contains the regulations governing campus parking, student housing, and other issues passed by the Regents during those years. As mentioned above, the BOR functioned in two other capacities for the State of Hawaii beginning the 1970s. The collection includes the minutes of the meetings of the State Board for Vocational Education in three volumes, covering the years 1973-1997 and one volume of Rules and Regulations from 1979; and the minutes of the Hawaii State Post-Secondary Education Commission in one volume, covering the years 1975-1995.

The Minutes of the Board of Regents are in Manuscript A2008:014.

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