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Hawaii War Records Depository

HWRD Newsclippings

During the War, HWRD staff began clipping news articles from Honolulu newspapers, and perhaps beyond Honolulu. They organized these clippings into the same or similar groups as reflected in the main files. The news clippings have been stored in two file cabinets since the end of the War and the cessation of clipping articles.

By 2013, space has become a critical issue for the department of Archives & Manuscripts in which the Hawaii War Records Depository resides. Since file cabinets are a relatively inefficient means of storing records, the Archives staff determined to rehouse as much of the HWRD series and files as possible into acid free boxes and folders. The files will then be stored on shelving. When we came to the issue of the news clippings, we made a slightly different decision. Since the newspapers were available on microfilm in Hamilton Library, many UH System libraries, and libraries of the Hawaii State Library system, we decided it would be better to produce an index of the clippings that will be made available on the HWRD web site, providing a ready reference to news article title, newspaper, date, and HWRD heading. We will then discard the original clippings rather than try to continue preserving them filed loose in folders.

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