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Publishing Options

Often one of your first priorities as a scholar or researcher is to publish the results of your research. You publish to advance your career, but you also publish to distribute your work to the widest possible audience and to contribute intellectually to your community.

Among the factors you may consider in your selection of a publisher are:

You may have additional questions and concerns due to rapid changes in technology and the policies of publishers and research funders:

What is open access?

Open-access publications usually provide immediate online access to your work upon publication. Many open-access journals place fewer restrictions on use of articles for teaching, research, and other scholarly activities.  More

What is the importance of maintaining control over my copyrights?

The copyright provisions in your agreement with a publisher are crucial. The agreement will often define how your scholarship reaches readers and how you can use your own work in future research, teaching, and other projects. You need to know that some publishers offer friendlier terms, and you can negotiate your agreement.  More

How do the economics of scholarly publishing affect me?

A complicated mix of financial pressures has made it harder for many scholarly presses to publish monographs, though in many disciplines scholars need to publish at least one book to be considered for tenure. Meanwhile library budgets are feeling the strain of accommodating the rapidly rising cost of scientific, technical, and medical journals. A number of solutions have been proposed that may have a substantial impact on your work.

This work was originally created by Columbia University Libraries/Information Services Scholarly Communication Program and is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 United States License.

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