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Publishing Options - Open Access

Open access (OA) refers to content that is accessible to anyone online at no charge and that may have relatively few restrictions on reuse.

The Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ) is a searchable database of thousands of scholarly and scientific open access journals.

The SHERPA/RoMEO database is a good starting point for researching publishers and journals that support open access.

OASIS provides comprehensive information about the theory and practice of open access.

Advancing Research and Scholarship

When you publish an article in a scholarly journal or serve as an editor or peer reviewer, your principal motivations are almost always to disseminate the results of your research, advance your career, and contribute to the public good.

Open access is an effective way to accomplish these goals. Open-access content reaches the broadest possible audience faster by eliminating the price and permission barriers of subscription-based journals. Scholars and researchers at institutions without journal subscriptions and interested individuals outside the academy have immediate access to your work. With a broader audience and no access delays, your research has the potential for the greatest impact.

Making Your Work Open Access

You can create open access to your work by:

Peer Review


Varieties of Open Access

Open access can refer both to content that is available on the Web at no cost, but has significant restrictions on reuse, and to content that is available at no charge and with fewer reuse restrictions.

Paying for Open Access

Open-access content is distributed at no cost to the reader. Yet someone must pay for the services publishers provide. Though the conversation about how to pay for open-access publishing is ongoing, there are a few common economic models.

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