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ABSTRACT - A form of current bibliography in which sometimes books, but mainly contributions to periodicals, are summarized. The abstracts are accompanied by adequate bibliographical descriptions to enable the publications to be traced.

ANTHOLOGY - A collection of choice extracts, usually poetry, or on one subject, form the writings of one author, or various authors, and having a common characteristic such as subject matter or literary form.

ARCHIVES - Public records or historical documents kept in a recognized repository.

ATLAS - A volume of maps, with or without descriptive text. It may be issued to supplement or accompany a text, or be published independently. Also, a volume of plates, engravings, etc., illustrating any subject. See also MAP.

AUDIO-VISUAL MATERIALS - Non-book materials such as phonograph records, tapes, slides, and filmstrips.

BIBLIOGRAPHY - A compilation of books, audiovisual formats and other publications arranged in a logical order giving author title, date and place of publication, publisher, details of edition, and pagination.

BOOK - A set of sheets of paper bound along one edge and enclosed within protective covers to form a volume, especially a written or printed literary composition presented in this way.

CD-ROM - Compact disk/read-only memory. A high volume, convenient storage disk for computerized bibliographic and textural data. See also OPTICAL DIGITAL DISC.

COLLECTION - A number of books or other items on one subject, or of one kind, or collected by one person or organization.

DATABASE - A collection of interrelated data stored so that it may be accessed with user friendly dialogs.

DOCUMENT - A record which conveys information; originally a written or inscribed record, but now considered to include any form of information.

EDITION - All copies of a work published in one typographical format, printed from the same type or plates, and issued at one time or at intervals. See also FIRST EDITION.

ENCYCLOPEDIA - A work containing information on all subjects, or limited to a special field or subject, arranged in a systematic order. Encyclopedias may be in one volume, or they may be in many volumes in which the various matters will be treated comprehensively.

FESTSCRIFT - A memorial or complimentary volume usually consisting of a number of contributions by distinguished persons, often students or colleagues of a person and issued in his honor.

FILMSTRIP - A strip of 16 mm or 35 mm film varying in length up to about fifty frames and bearing pictures, text or captions.

FIRST EDITION - The whole number of copies first printed from the same type and issued at the same time. Later printings from the same type are known as reprints or numbered editions. See also EDITION.

FOLIO - An indication of the size of a book, usually over 30 cm.

FORMAT - A term used to describe the appearance and make-up of a book; its size, shape, paper, type, binding, illustrations, etc.

GLOSSARY - An alphabetical list of abstruse, obsolete, unusual, technical, or other terms concerned with a subject field, together with definitions.

GOVERNMENT DOCUMENT - A publication issued at government expense or published by authority of a governmental body.

IMPRINT - The statement in a book concerning the publication or printing of a book.

INDEX - A detailed alphabetical list or table of topics, names of persons, places, etc., treated or mentioned in a book or series of books, pointing out their exact positions in the volume, usually by page number.

JOURNAL - A newspaper or periodical. Particularly a periodical issued by a society or institution and containing news, proceedings, transactions and reports of work carried out in a particular field. See also MAGAZINE and SERIAL.

LIBRARIAN - One who has the care of a library and its contents, selecting the books, documents and non-book materials which comprise its collection, and providing information and loan services to meet the needs of its users.

LIBRARY - 1. A collection of books and other literary material kept for reading, study and consultation. 2. A place, building, room or rooms set apart for the keeping and use of a collection of books, etc.

MAGAZINE - A periodical publication as distinct from a newspaper, separate issues being independently paginated and identified by a date rather than a volume number. See also PERIODICAL and SERIAL.

MANUSCRIPT - A document of any kind which is written by hand, or the text of a music or literary composition

MAP - A plane representation of the earth's surface, or part of same, indicating physical features, political boundaries, etc. Also a similar representation of extraterrestrial surfaces and spaces. See also ATLAS.

MICROCARD - An opaque card of varying size on which microcopies have been reproduced photographically.

MICROFICHE - A flat sheet of photographic film standardized at 105 x 148 mm, displaying at the top a catalog entry, or title, readable with the naked eye, and bearing in horizontal and vertical rows micro-images of the text of a publication.

MICROFILM - A microphotograph on cellulose film. It may be negative or positive and may be 16 or 35 mm wide and of any length, depending on the number of exposures it contains.

MICROFORM - A generic term indicating any form of micro record, whether on flat or roll film, paper or other material.

MONOGRAPH - A separate treatise on a single subject or class of subjects, or on one person, usually detailed in treatment but not extensive in scope and often containing bibliographies. See also BOOK.

OPTICAL DIGITAL DISK - A disk normally made of plastic with a reflective metal coating which is capable of storing either audio signals (compact disks), video information (videodiscs), or high-volume computer data (CD-ROM). The playback system uses a small laser beam in the playing head. See also CD-ROM.

PAPER - 1. A fibrous material made by breaking down vegetable fibers, purifying them, interweaving them into a compact web and pressing them into thin sheets. 2. A brief, literary composition, especially on to be read at a public meeting.

PAPERS - 1. An assemblage of personal and family material of miscellaneous nature as distinct from formal records. 2. A general term used to include more than one type of manuscript or typewritten material.

PATENT - 1. A specification concerning the designs or manufacture of something which is protected and secured for the exclusive profit of the designer or inventor for a limited number of years. 2. A publication, issued by such an office, which give details of designs and processes.

PERIODICAL - A publication with a distinctive title which appears at stated or regular intervals, without prior decision as to when the last issue shall appear. See also MAGAZINE, SERIAL, and SERIES.

PIECE - The basic unit of archival arrangement and description, which is produced from the repository as an entity under its own reference. For example, a file is a piece, but as single sheet in that file is not.

PLATE - An illustration, often an engraving taken from a metal plate, printed separately from the text of the book with one side of the leaf blank, and often on different paper.

PUBLICATION - 1. A work issued to the public in the form of a document or book. 2. The act of issuing a book to the public.

REFERENCE MATERIAL - Books and other library materials which may not be borrowed for use out of the library, usually because their nature is such that they are prepared for brief consultation rather than for continuous reading.

REPORT - A publication giving a formal or official record, as of the activities of a committee or corporate body, or of some special investigation, or the proceedings of a governmental body.

REPRINT - A copy of a book, made with the same type as the original, with which it is identical except for possibly a new title-page and a note on the verso of the title-page of the number and date of reprinting and the correction of minor errors.

RESERVE COLLECTION - Material which is in great demand because of being placed on reading lists, is placed in a special collection for short periods or the academic term. The material is available for use on the premises or overnight.

REVIEW - A periodical publication which is devoted largely to critical articles and reviews of new books.

REVISED EDITION - A new edition of a book in which errors have been corrected, and possibly new material added.

SCORE - A printed or written version of a musical work in notational form which shows the parts for the participating voices or instruments on two or more staffs.

SERIAL - Any publication issued in successive parts, appearing at intervals, usually regular ones, and, intended to be continued indefinitely. The term includes periodicals, newspapers, annuals, numbered monographic series, and the proceedings, transactions and memoirs of societies. See also MAGAZINE, PERIODICAL and SERIES.

SERIES - Volumes usually related to each other in subject matter, issued successively, generally by the same publisher in a uniform style, and usually bearing a collective series title.

SPECIAL EDITION - An edition of a work or works, reissued in a new format, sometimes with an introduction, appendix, or illustrations, and having a distinctive name.

THESAURUS - 1. A lexicon, more especially where words are grouped by ideas. 2. A grouping or classification of synonyms or near synonyms. 3. A list of descriptors.

TREATMENT - Describes how collected materials treat subject: biographies, bibliographies, texts and manuals, theoretical work, etc.

VERSION - One of several intellectual forms taken by the same work.

VOLUME - A book distinguished from other books or from other volumes of the same work by having its own title page and usually independent pagination.

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