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Women's Studies Program


Women's studies courses are offered by an interdisciplinary faculty drawn from various departments in the humanities, social sciences, and biological sciences. The academic objectives of the program are to examine various factors that determine the status of women, to analyze theories and assumptions about women presented in various disciplines, and to study the achievements of women.

The program has four major emphases: words and images (literature, drama, art); roles and institutions (social sciences, history, political sciences); minds and bodies (psychology, anthropology, biology, health); and gender across cultures.

The Women's Studies Program offers a BA degree through the Liberal Studies Program. The program also offers a Certificate in Women's Studies for Undergraduates, and a Graduate Certificate in Advanced Women's Studies for students engaged in graduate studies at the University.

The affiliated Office for Women's Research (OWR) promotes interdisciplinary, cross-cultural feminist research, with an emphasis on Hawaiian, Pacific, and Asian women.


Related disciplines include sociology and psychology, history and American studies, anthropology, literature, health, geriatrics and biology.


Language: English is the language of the collection.

Chronological: Primary emphasis is on contemporary developments and research, but historical material is also collected to support research.

Geographic: Primary focus is on the United States; overviews and basic research covering other countries are also collected. The program stresses cross-cultural gender studies, especially for Hawaii, the Pacific, and Asia.

Date of Publication: Emphasis is on materials published in the last 10 years. Retrospective purchasing occurs for "classics" and basic historical and research materials needed to fill gaps in research support. Types/Formats of Materials Collected: The Library

Types and Formats of Materials Collected: The Library collects print, non-print, CD-ROM, and online resources that support research in Women's Studies. Trade books, university press books and publications from women's studies programs are collected. Conference proceedings are collected selectively. All formats may be collected, including electronic, print, and microform.

Electronic Format: Electronic resources include indexes, databases, reference tools, e-books, and so forth. Networked electronic access is preferred for full text journal literature and for indexing and abstracting.

Treatment: Emphasis is on the history and status of women, feminist interdisciplinary analyses, gender and social differences, women and work, and family life.

Compiled by: Vicky Lebbin
Date: June 2008

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