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The School of Social Work is one of four professional schools in the College of Health Sciences and Social Welfare. The mission of the school is to meet the need for quality professional education, research and community service in social work. Specifically, it strives to prepare practitioners who have skills in working with people of diverse ethnic and cultural backgrounds at the individual, family, group, and community levels, as well as with broader levels that focus on resource development and social policy change. The School of Social Work's program is interdisciplinary, and emphasizes comparative social welfare and cross-cultural studies.

The school offers a graduate program leading to the MSW degree and covers social policy and services, human behavior in the social environment, research, social work practices. The advanced curriculum is organized around three concentrations: child and family, health, and mental health. There are also emphases on gerontology and on the legal system. In addition, the school provides continuing education to assist professional and paraprofessional human service practitioners in acquiring current knowledge and undertaking new professional roles. The school's MSW and BSW programs are accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of the Council on Social Work Education.

The School of Social Work has 18 full time faculty and 15 lecturers. There are 61 undergraduate majors, 210 MSW candidates, and 50 unclassified students enrolled for credit.


On campus, the Law Library has material of use to the social work researcher interested in the legal aspects of social problems and social welfare legislation. The Public Health Library at Manoa is also a useful source of material for some aspects of social work. Other significant sources of information include many local, state, and federal welfare agencies located in Honolulu.


Language: English is the language of the collection.

Chronological: Primary emphasis is on contemporary developments and practices. Historical material is acquired selectively.

Geographic: Primary focus is on the United States, with an emphasis on cross-cultural aspects concerning Asian and Pacific cultures, especially Hawaii.

Date of Publication: No limitations, but emphasis is on materials published in the last 10 years.

Types/Formats of Materials Collected: Trade books on social work practice, and publications of various national, state and local welfare agencies and organizations are collected extensively. Conference proceedings are collected selectively. Dissertations are rarely collected. Government publications are collected by the Government Documents and area collections.

Treatment: Books on social work practice and research, social policy and services, social environment, legal aspects of social work, the criminal justice system, mental health, child welfare, health, gerontology, community organization and process, guidance and counseling, and material on specific target groups are all collected. Biographies of social work figures, textbooks and popular material are added selectively.

Date Compiled: 4/90 Compiler: Ellen Chapman

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