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The University of Hawaii at Manoa (UHM) Department of Political Science offers the BA, MA, and PhD degrees. Seeking to become the premier venue for critical political studies, the Department hopes to develop alternative political studies along the following six dimensions: indigenous politics; cultural and political theory; international politics; Asian and Pacific politics; political governance; and alternative futures. The Depa rtment hopes to attract a sophisticated cohort of graduate students interested in alternative political studies. About twenty percent of the department's graduate students study indigenous politics. With a large number of scholars with expertise in Asia, numerous faculty speak Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Tamil, Thai, Indonesian, Vietnamese, and Hindi. Asian politics interests about forty percent of the department's graduate students. It is presently the largest source of grants income, and the region is likely to retain a high funding priority by governments and foundations. The Department has begun a collaboration with Yonsei University in Korea and Keio University in Japan to offer real-time classes with graduate students from each university. The Department proposes to enhance its worldwide reputation in contemporary political theory and continue developing a robust program in film and politics. It has embarked on a certificate (Cinema and Politics) with the Academy for Creative Media in order to institutionalize a program of critical film analysis at the University of Hawaii at Manoa.


The Political Science selector is responsible for many of the materials acquired in support of the Political Science Program. Selection is assisted by faculty members of the Program and affiliated staff and students. The department's interests in Asia and the Pacific result in heavy use of the Asia, Pacific, and Hawaiian collections. Therefore, selections appropriate for the Asia and Hawaiian and Pacific collections are routed to the respective area discipline selectors. . Audiovisual materials are acquired by the Wong AV Center.

The Government Documents Collection acquires materials from the United States, the United Nations and its affiliates, and the World Bank. The East-West Center Resource Materials Collection, with its emphasis on non-trade publications, conference papers, official publications, and publications of non-governmental organizations of the Pacific rim nations, supplements the Hamilton Library collection. The Institute for Peace Resources maintains a collection of books, journals, newsletters and videos on conflict and peace. The collection helps to support a recently approved undergraduate Certificate in Peace Studies. The Legislative Reference Bureau Library contains an extensive collection of state legislative and public administration materials. At present, this library emphasizes current issues and policy oriented materials of interest to the Hawaii Legislature, and de-emphasizes academic and historical materials.


Language: Predominantly English language materials published in the United States and United Kingdom are collected. A limited number of European language materials are selected at the request of faculty.

Chronological: The major interest is the 20th and 21st century; retrospective material is acquired for political theory, philosophy, comparative government and politics, and international relations.

Geographic: Emphasis is on American government and politics, including Hawaii, and Asia and the Pacific. Africa and Europe are of interest; other areas are collected selectively.

Date of Publication: Although current publications are emphasized, the library acquires materials of earlier date. Older secondary titles are acquired selectively if they are important for research purposes.

Types and Formats of Materials Collected: All formats may be collected, including electronic, print, and microform.

Electronic Format: Electronic resources include indexes, databases, reference tools, e-books, and so forth. Networked electronic access is preferred for full text journal literature and for indexing and abstracting.

Treatment: Although the collection includes a wide range of mainstream politics, special focus is given to the acquiring titles in following subjects: indigenous politics; cultural and political theory; international politics; Asian and Pacific politics; political governance; and alternative futures.

Compiled by: Dave Brier
Date: June 2008

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