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The Spark M. Matsunaga Institute for Peace & Program on Conflict Resolution, based in the Public Policy Center of the College of Social Sciences, offers the Certificate in Peace Studies, the BA in Peace and Conflict Resolution, and the Graduate Certificate in Conflict Resolution. To ensure that students receive a multidisciplinary approach to peace studies and conflict resolution, the Institute relies heavily upon academics holding appointments in other departments such as Anthropology, Education, Physics, Political Science, Sociology, Urban and Regional Planning, and the Law School. Course offerings focus on the root causes of violence, the conditions of peace and justice, and nonviolent means for resolving conflicts. In addition to its instructional responsibilities, the Institute has also been associated with several applied projects such as fostering democracy in numerous countries through its association with the International Center for Democracy. The Institute publishes scholarly and creative works on peace in all media. With the Center for Global Nonviolence, the Institute has worked closely on a number of joint book publishing projects. The Institute has also been very active in bringing the results of its research both in peace and in conflict resolution into the local community, especially into the schools.


The Peace Studies selector is responsible for most materials acquired in support of the Institute for Peace & Program on Conflict Resolution. Selection is assisted by faculty members of the Institute and affiliated staff and students. Acquisitions appropriate for the Asia and Hawaiian and Pacific collections are sometimes routed to the respective area selectors. Audiovisual materials are acquired by the Wong AV Center.

Peace studies literature is also published by governmental agencies. The Government Documents Collection contains a number of domestic and international (United Nations) publications including, but not limited to, peace treaties, peacekeeping operations, and peace research.

The Institute maintains a Resource Center containing both a Conflict Resolution and a Peace Studies collection. It is open to all members of the University of Hawaii and the community. In addition to books, journals, videos, subject files and newsletters, the Resource Center also maintains current information on scholarships, grants, employment & training opportunities, conferences and seminars.


Language: Primarily English.

Chronological: No limitations, but the emphasis is on current theories and research.

Geographic: No limitations, but special emphasis is given to materials on Hawaii, Asia, and the Pacific.

Date of Publication: Current publications are emphasized.

Types and Formats of Materials Collected: All formats may be collected, including electronic, print, and microform.

Electronic Format: Electronic resources include indexes, databases, reference tools, e-books, and so forth. Networked electronic access is preferred for full text journal literature and for indexing and abstracting.

Treatment: Because of the interdisciplinary and applied research interests of the Institute, the Library collects materials on all aspects of peace and conflict resolution. Special focus is given to acquiring items in the following subjects: peace study and teaching; peace treaties; peaceful social change; the academic study of war and other forms of conflict (both direct and structural); negotiation skills; mediation; the geography of peace and war; the cultural aspects of conflict resolution; conflict management; conflict theory; nonviolent political alternatives; economics and cooperation; history of peace movements; international law and disputes; and democracy in organizations. At least one copy of all monographs published by the Institute will be collected by the Library.

Compiled by: Dave Brier
Date: June 2008

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