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The Department of Economics offers two undergraduate degree programs: A Major in Economics leading to a B.A. degree and a Minor in Economics. The graduate level offers the M.A. and Ph.D., but is primarily a doctoral program emphasizing 5 areas: economic development with special interest in the development experience of the Asia-Pacific region; international economics; population, labor, and health economics; public economics; and environmental and natural resource economics. The department also has courses that are cross-listed with the Department of Agricultural and Resource Economics.


The Department of Economics' interest in Asia and the Pacific Basin results in active use of the Asia, Pacific, Hawaiian, and the Government Documents collections of the UH Manoa Library. Economics materials specific to Asia, Hawaii and the Pacific region are funded by the respective area studies collections. The Economics Department also maintains strong links with the East-West Center, especially with its programs on environment, population, international economics and politics and natural resources. The Research Information Services collection of the East-West Center emphasizes non-trade publications, conference papers, and some publications of non-governmental organizations located in the Pacific Rim countries.


Language: Primarily English. Asia, Pacific, and Hawaiian language materials are collected by the respective area collections.

Chronological: Primary emphasis is on current developments, policies and data. Backfiles are retained where historical data is used in research or course-work.

Geographic: While the department's research focus is on economic development in Hawaii, Asia and the Pacific, all aspects of economic activity and policy in the United States are collected. The effect on Pacific Rim countries from economic developments elsewhere in the world broadens the scope of the collection. Other geographic areas are included selectively.

Date of Publication: Current publications are emphasized for all fields; retrospective titles are selectively collected in specialized areas such as economic history. Empirical research often requires data covering multi-decade time spans.

Types and Formats of Materials Collected: Monographs, monographic series, working papers, periodicals and periodical indexes are selected for the collection. All formats may be collected, including electronic, print, and microform. Videos are considered on a case-by-case basis in consultation with the Wong A/V Center and Department of Economics faculty.

Electronic Format: Electronic resources include indexes, databases, reference tools, e-books, and so forth. Networked electronic access is preferred for full text journal literature and for indexing and abstracting.

Treatment: No limitation, although scholarly analysis of economic trends and issues is primary. Technical and popular works are selectively added. Statistical, practice and methodology, historical, computer aspects, and government and legal implications are emphasized.

Compiled by: David Flynn

Date: June 2008

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