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The department provides instruction leading to the BS, MS, or PhD degrees in Meteorology. It pursues an active research program, closely integrated with instruction; both stress UH's special field -- tropical meteorology. Besides the usual service functions to other departments and to the Department of Education, the department provides much of the advisory service previously performed in Honolulu by the Regional Climatologist of the National Weather Service. The department takes a rigorous approach to teaching and research in meteorology, ensuring that students have a sound grasp of the fundamentals of the discipline. The department is highly aware, however, of the peculiar advantage and challenge presented by our mid-Pacific location. Thus the department emphasizes the oceanic and Asian tropics and maintains close professional links with countries in the region. Teaching and research activities are closely interwoven and interdependent.


Meteorological research depends heavily on literature published by government agencies. The Government Documents Collection is a depository for National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) and U.S. Geological Survey publications; and receives certain NTIS documents and other state and foreign publications. The Hawaiian Collection houses all the publications of the relevant State agencies. The Map Collection is a participant in the Earth Science Information Center network and is a depository of the Defense Mapping Agency. The Wong Audiovisual Center is responsible for the acquisition of video format materials.

The Hawaii Institute of Geophysics Library collection supplements the holdings at Hamilton Library. A small departmental library contains an extensive collection of technical reports, weather maps, and climatological atlases.

Collection policies are coordinated with the Hawaii Institute of Geophysics Library and the Joint Institute for Marine and Atmospheric Research. There is no formal collection agreement.


Language: English is preferred. The collection contains some material in Western European and Slavic languages. Asian language material is housed in both the Science and Technology area and the Asian Collection.

Chronological: No limitations; the emphasis is on current theories and research.

Geographic: Interests of the department are global, but most of the research is focused in the tropical Pacific and adjacent areas. Meteorological materials from other areas are generally limited to regional studies.

Date of Publication: No limitations, but current material is emphasized.

Types/Formats of Materials Collected: Monographs and serials on current research in the field; upper level texts; government publications; conference proceedings; selected United States and foreign dissertations; indexes and abstracts; handbooks and dictionaries; and atlases and maps. Electronic versions are purchased when available and appropriate with preference for Web access. Excluded are manuscripts, reprints of articles within serials, house organs, and private and company files.

Treatment: Historical; primary sources and documents; applications, practice and methods; computer-related; equipment used in; biographical; reference and bibliographical; statistical and mathematical; selected textbooks; field work reports; professional and applied training; and reports on scientific experimental results.

Date compiled: 7/01 Compiler: Kristen L. Anderson

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