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Geology and Geophysics



The Geology and Geophysics Department is part of the School of Ocean and Earth Sciences and Technology (SOEST), which was established in 1988 to coordinate and focus teaching and research in the ocean and earth sciences. The department offers the BA, BS, MS, and PhD degrees. There are three affiliated research groups: Marine and Environmental Geology; Volcanology, Geochemistry, and Petrology; and Geophysics and Tectonics.

Areas of active faculty and graduate student research include: seismology and solid earth geophysics, crustal deformation, earth density models, earthquake prediction, geomagnetism, gravimetry and altimetry, heat flow, ocean bottom seismometry, marine geology and geophysics, exploration geophysics, marine geochemistry, micropalenotology, ocean basins and margins, sedimentology, paleoceanography, stable isotope geochemistry, carbonate petrology, crustal and mantle structure, coastal processes, volcanology, petrology, and geochemistry, magma generation, mechanisms of eruptions, mid-oceanic and back-arc-basin spreading centers, petrology and genesis of oceanic island volcanoes and seamounts, volcanic hazards, planetary science and remote sensing, computer image and spectrum processing, earth as a planet, instrument development, interaction of surface and interior with atmospheres, remote sensing techniques, surface alteration processes, high pressure geophysics and geochemistry, nature of earth's crust and deep interior, physio-chemical properties of earth materials under high temperature and pressure conditions, hydrology and engineering geology, application of geologic and hydrologic studies to engineering and land use activities, hydrologic cycle, and hydrology of volcanic and insular environments.


The geological sciences depend heavily on literature published by governmental agencies. The Government Documents Collection is the depository for U.S. Geological Survey and U.S. Bureau of Mines publications, as well as certain NTIS documents and other state and foreign government publications. The Hawaiian Collection houses all the publications of the relevant Hawaii State agencies. The Map Collection is a participant in the Earth Science Information Center network and is a depository of the Defense Mapping Agency. The Wong Audiovisual Center is responsible for the acquisition of video format materials.

The Hawaii Institute of Geology Library collects primarily in the fields of volcanology, geophysics, and seismology. The Astronomy Library collects extensively in the fields of lunar and planetary science. The Law Library collects material on environmental law, marine law, and the legal aspects of the geological sciences. Collection policies are being coordinated among these libraries, although no formal collection agreements exist.


Language: English is preferred. The collection contains some material in Western European and Slavic languages. Asian language material is housed in both the Science and Technology area and the Asia Collection.

Chronological: No limitations, but the emphasis is on current theories and research.

Geographic: Interests of the department are global, but most of the research is focused in the Pacific basin and adjacent areas. Material from other areas is generally limited to regional studies.

Date of Publication: Current materials are emphasized; gaps are filled as needed; rare and historical materials may be acquired as gifts.

Types/Formats of Materials Collected: Monographs on current research in the field; upper-level texts; government publications; conference proceedings; selected United States and foreign dissertations; indexes and abstracts; handbooks and dictionaries; field trip guidebooks; and atlases and maps. Electronic versions are purchased when available and appropriate with preference for Web access. Excluded are manuscripts, reprints of articles within serials, house organs, private and company files, and relief maps.

Treatment: Historical; primary sources and documents; applications, practices, and methods; computer-related; equipment used in; biographical; reference and bibliographical; statistical and mathematical; textbooks; professional and applied training; field work reports; economic aspects; and reports on scientific experimental results.

Date compiled: 7/01 Compiler: Kristen L. Anderson

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