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The Mathematics Department, part of the College of Natural Sciences, conducts research in the following areas:

Algebra and Number Theory


Applied Mathematics

Geometry and Topology

Logic, Lattices, and Universal Algebra

The department offers the B.A. and the B.S. undergraduate degrees, and the M.A. and Ph.D. in mathematics.

Faculty in the department participate in outreach programs to high school students, in interdisciplinary research, and in mathematics education programs to support K-12 mathematics education.


The collection to support the mathematics program is concentrated on research level mathematics with some well-written books for the layman included to support education and outreach efforts. Theses and dissertations by mathematics graduate students are added to the Hawaiian collection and dissertations are also available online as PDFs from the database Dissertations and Theses, a ProQuest product. Coordination of selection responsibilities occurs between physics, education, social sciences statistical methods (HA), financial mathematics (HG), and other applied mathematics disciplines.


Language: Primarily English; foreign language materials are collected selectively to support the research needs of the mathematicians.

Chronological: No limitationsh.

Geographic: No limitations.

Date of Publication: No limitations.

Types and Formats of Materials Collected: Scholarly journals are of primary importance. Where available and financially feasible, Web access is preferred for journal subscriptions. Web-accessible journal article databases, including back files, are acquired as funds permit. Monographs and monographic series on current research are generally collected in print format, but e-book availability is increasing and is the preferred format for handbooks, manuals, bibliographies, dictionaries, encyclopedias, standards, and other reference sources. Upper level texts, government publications; conference proceedings, industry standards are selectively collected. Audiovisual materials and microforms are purchased only when requested by faculty and funds permit. Open access resources are important in mathematics and every effort is made to include digitized resources in the library catalog. Excluded are manuscripts, reprints of articles within serials, newsletters and private and company files.

Electronic Format: See Types and Formats of Materials Collected.

Treatment: Primary sources; research reports; applications, practices and methods; biographical; historical; reference and bibliographical.


The Science and Technology Department accepts gifts to augment the science and technology collections held by the UH Manoa Library. Books that document scholarly research and textbooks no older than five years that are appropriate to university level courses are accepted. Because mathematics research often uses historical literature, gifts of older research materials that are not duplicates of items in the collection are often accepted. We accept other formats as well with the provision that they must be relevant to the research or instruction mission of UH Manoa. In general, we do not accept popular magazines, short journal runs, materials that duplicate items already in our collections, or materials in poor condition. Gifts of Archival materials that relate to the history of the university should be discussed with the University Archives staff. Gifts of journal titles or books in a Web format (the preferred format for journals) are accepted; discussing such a gift with the subject selector ( is necessary before such a gift can be accepted and integrated into the collection. The subject librarian should be contacted before a gift-in-kind of more than a few items is made to the UH Manoa Library.

When donated items are accepted by the UH Manoa Library they become the possession of the Library. The Library cannot provide monetary appraisals of gifts. The Library reserves the right to make decisions about the disposition of accepted gifts.

An exchange program coordinated through the University of California Berkeley's Pacific Journal of Mathematics editorial office is supported by the subscription support of the Mathematics Department. Through this arrangement the library receives several mathematics journals from other countries.

Compiled by: Sara Rutter

Date: July 2008

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