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Programs in The Second Language Studies Department (SLS) cover a wide range of topics relevant to second language teaching, learning, use and analysis. SLS publishes a working paper series. Currently, numerous members of the University of Hawaii at Manoa's SLS department sit on editorial boards of major publications in the field.

Topics addressed by scholars and courses in the SLS department include applied psycholinguistics and sociolinguistics; bilingual education; classroom centered research; design and evaluation of instructional materials; SLS methodology; language testing; listening and speaking skills in SLS; pedagogic grammar and phonology; program development and evaluation; reading and writing in SLS; research methods in SLS; and second language acquisition.

The department offers a BA, an MA, an Advanced Graduate Certificate (AGC) and a PhD in Second Language Studies.

Qualified Interdisciplinary Studies undergraduates may earn a BA incorporating a core of courses from the SLS department supplemented with others from linguistics, English, anthropology, Asian studies, ethnic studies, psychology, speech, communication, etc. Students may also select the BEd option in English as a second language following a program set by the Department of Curriculum Studies, College of Education.

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Second Language Studies draws on the literature from the disciplines of the humanities and social sciences and the geographic area collections. There is heavy overlap with the literature of education and linguistics. The Wong AV Center acquires model examples of language teaching media, and feature films for culture context.


Language: Emphasis is English. Materials in Asian and Pacific vernacular languages are referred to the respective area selectors for funding.
Chronological: No limitations, but the focus is on the current time period.
Geographic: No limitation, but emphasis is on the United States, Canada, Great Britain, Hawaii, Asia and the Pacific.
Date of Publication: Emphasis is on current materials.
Textbooks: Collected are standard textbooks in the field and selected textbooks for foreign speakers in the study of English to be used by teaching English as a second language practitioners.
Type/Format of Materials Collected: The Library collects print, non-print, and online resources supporting research in Second Language Studies. Monographic series on language teaching and second language acquisition, proceedings and congresses of major institutes and associations in the field, major journals, selective audio-visual materials and mixed media materials are all acquired.
Treatment: Theoretical studies and works on methodology in all areas of second language teaching and second language acquisition; statistical and research design studies in the behavioral sciences applicable for use in second language research; works on syllabus design and needs analysis; English dialect and creole works.


The Department also supports two English Language Teaching Units. The English Language Institute (ELI) provides English instruction for international and immigrant students who have been admitted to the university and who do not speak English as a native language. The Hawaii English Language Program (HELP), also assists incoming local, and short-term students who do not speak English as a native language. It is an intensive English language program that prepares students for classes conducted in English, as well as day-to-day life in an English-speaking environment.

There are also two SLS related centers. The Center for Second Language Research, which conducts research, curriculum development and training projects in the general area of second language (SL) education. This includes basic and applied research on SL teaching and learning, education through the medium of a second language, and classrooms where second dialects are present. The second center is the Sato Center, which focuses on research concerning Hawaii Creole English, and pidgins and creoles generally, as a joint project with the Dept. of Linguistics.

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