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Maps (Floorplans)

Hamilton Library

Hamilton houses the University of Hawaii's main library collections, including the Hawaiian, Pacific, Rare and Charlot Collections on the 5th floor, Asia and East Asia on the 4th and 3rd floors, Business, Humanities and Social Sciences Collections on the 1st and 2nd floors of the main building.The Science and Technology collection is on the 1st to 4th floors of the Addition and the Archives collection is on the 5th floor of the Addition.

Cross section view of Hamilton Library building

cross-section of Hamilton Library

Call Number information

One view of all floors that shows where books and other media are located
The current locations, by building and floor, of Hamilton Library Call Numbers

Copy Machine Locations

Copy machines in Hamilton Library are located as follows. All are black & white copiers. One copier on Floor A1 accepts departmental auditrons.

Floor A1 -- Photocopier Room A158 (near restrooms): 3
Floor A2 -- Photocopier Room A258 (across from elevators): 1
Floor A3 -- Photocopier Room A355 (across from elevators): 1
Floor A4 -- Photocopier Room A455 (across from elevators): 1

Floor 1 -- In alcove near CLIC Lab: 2 plus 1 color
Floor 2 -- In area between Open Stairwell and restrooms: 2
Floor 3 -- In the mauka study area: 1
Floor 4 -- Near the elevators and display cases: 1
Floor 5 -- In Hawaiian/Pacific Photocopier Room 505: 2

All Xerox Digital Bookmarks on 1st floor to 4th floor Hamilton Library Main and 1st floor to 4th floor Addition have the following paper sizes and orientation:
8.5x11 portrait = Main Tray
8.5x11 portrait = Tray 1
8.5x11 portrait = Tray 2
8.5x14 landscape = Tray 3
8.5x11 landscape = Tray 4

The 5th floor Main (Hawaiian, Pacific and Special Collections) has the following size paper in 2 copiers:
8.5x11 letter
8.5x14 legal

Sinclair Library

Sinclair houses the Wong Audiovisual Center, Music Collection, Reserve Books, OlderBound Periodicals and the Wong Computer Lab. Click this link to view Sinclair Floorplans.

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