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Hamilton and Sinclair Libraries Participate in LibQUAL+(TM)

The University of Hawai'i at Manoa is one of about 250 academic institutions around the world participating in LibQUAL+(TM), a service quality assessment survey. The survey is a product of the Association of Research Libraries (ARL) in collaboration with Texas A & M University.

The survey measures library service quality across institutions and creates useful quality assessment tools for libraries. As the UH Manoa Library plans for the future, it is important to understand our users' perceptions and expectations so that we can provide the services you need. The survey is important because it will
: The survey will begin after Spring Recess and run through most of April.

Each participating library gathers a random sample of email addresses representative of their user population and sends a message to the sample encouraging recipients to complete the survey on the Web. Survey data are transmitted directly to the central LibQUAL+(TM) server database in Texas. Reports that provide information on how users perceive the quality of their library services are generated for the individual libraries. All responses to the survey are entirely anonymous and cannot be linked to individual email addresses.

You may shortly receive an email invitation to participate. We sincerely hope you will take the time to complete the survey as your feedback is VERY important to us.

The survey has been endorsed by the Associated Students of the University of Hawaii (ASUH) and the UH Manoa Graduate Student Organization (GSO):
"As President of the Associated Students of the University of Hawaii I highly encourage students to participate in this survey. A wonderful opportunity has arisen to improve library services to meet student needs but we cannot do it without your help in expressing what is important to you!" -- Grant Teichman, President, ASUH
"As President of the GSO, I would like to personally encourage all Graduate Students selected for this survey to take the time to respond fully. Your participation will help the administration to understand what services are important to students, how we use the libraries, and what needs to be improved. The UH Manoa libraries are a valuable resource to everyone in the university community, so please let the graduate student voice be heard." -- Steve Rodney, President, GSO
For more information, visit FAQ About LibQUAL+. You can also visit the LibQUAL+(TM) homepage at

If you have questions or comments about the University of Hawaii's participation in the LibQUAL+(TM) survey, you may send them to

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