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Library Hall of Fame - John Awakuni

John Awakuni named State Employee of the Year

Photo of John Awakuni


     Manoa Fiscal Officer John Awakuni of Library Services was recognized by Gov. Linda Lingle as the State Employee of the Year. In the wake of the disastrous flash flood in Manoa Valley on Oct. 30, Awakuni successfully managed the overwhelming fiscal demands and deadlines with determination and grace. Awakuni also received the 2005 Manoa Chancellor's Award for Outstanding Service.

"John's outstanding competence, tireless dedication and sheer perseverance displayed during the difficult months following the flood make him one of the true heroes on campus," - Linda Lingle.

Click here to read the news release.

UH Manoa Chancellor's Award for Outstanding Service:

     As fiscal officer and institutional support specialist for Library Services, John Awakuni would be deserving of recognition "under normal circumstances," his supporters say.

     This academic year, his initiative and expertise were tested in the wake of the October flood. He never missed a deadline despite the "triple burden" of handling his normal job while coordinating purchasing, documentation and follow-through required by state and university insurance agencies and the Federal Emergency Management Agency.

     In 35 years with the university, 19 years with Library Services, he has honed highly specialized skills above and beyond those normally used by fiscal officers elsewhere in the UH system.

     The Chancellor's Award for Outstanding Service honors Manoa staff members who demonstrate outstanding work performance, service and leadership. Criteria include record of competence and efficiency, exceptional contribution in the attainment of program objectives, creative solutions to difficult problems, integrity and dedication to the mission of a program.

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